Top 10 Ways To Help Your Parents In Old Age

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6. Have patience with them:

have patience with them

Remember they had patience when they taught you almost everything. Now if they don’t remember things due to old age, or if they keep forgetting where they kept their belongings, if they are slow at doing things, be patient with them. They had behaved with great patience with you throughout your childhood, now it is your turn to have patience. And most importantly you have to accept their habits if you and your elderly parents are living together. Keep a note of their daily routine. The things they like or they follow. Respect them. They are the habits which have grown over years and cannot be easily changed. Give them their independence in doing things.


7. Arrange meetings with other family members:

arrange meetings with other family members

If you are not the only child of your parents , arrange them to meet with the rest of your siblings often, meeting their other family members and knowing their whereabouts once in a while will delight them. Meeting their grand children, telling them stories of their past, having group lunch will make them happy.


8. Arrange some community programs:

arrange some community programs

Some times what elder people want may be another elder to share his thoughts with, a friend in the same age group. Arrange a meet with all the older people in your society. Contact your society council if you can set up a place for the elderly people where they can just hangout with their friends of same age group, may be a lunch meetings on every other weekend in the nearby park. They may even feel young and enthusiastic within the same age group people.


9. Make necessary home arrangements:

Make necessary home arrangements

Consider your parents health conditions and their preferences before making necessary changes or arrangements. If they have joint problems make sure their room is downstairs so that they need not strain themselves much. If they like their room to be spacious with less furniture let it is. If they live separately do regular house check up’s and find if there are any changes that are need to be made, or any broken things that need to be repaired.


10. Assess care giving needs:

assess care giving needs

Your parents may be old enough that they couldn’t go and run their errands. You run it for them. They may be daily errands like getting a newspaper or weekly errands like getting vegetables from the market. If you do it for them, they would definitely love it. Ask them if they wish to accompany with you. This causes them pleasure.


Helping your parents through their old age gives you a satisfaction and confirmation to them that their children actually care for them. They become mutually dependent. Families that view dependence needs as normal and varying across the life span from infancy through old age create a climate for the development of interdependence. An intergenerational strength with the potential for supportiveness by more generations is created. In mutual dependency the old will not attempt to manipulate or control the behaviour of the young nor will the younger generation attempt to take control or treat their parents as helpless. With mutual dependency, neither you nor your older parent will feel burdensome, and can have a comfortable living.

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