Top 10 Awesome Jobs That Don’t Need an Education Degree

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6. Artists


If you can pick up your brush and paint, art will welcome you into its colourful world of success and fame irrespective of whether you have a professional degree to your name or not. Artists are only required to have the capability of making their visions coming alive and captivating the mind of people who see it. Here is where you should know, that art is not confined to merely painting, art is a whole world of expression and exposure, where words are replaced by far more poignant elements. Art is a world of understanding, perception and individual interpretations. It is not meant for everybody, but people who look within themselves and find an affinity to expressing themselves with something different must go ahead and work to fulfil that desire. Art after all, is not meant to be spoken, but it is meant to be understood and artists can only get better by doing. Art can provide strong financially sound lives to people who are involved in it. Art is important in so many different fields today. Advertisers and film-makers scout for artists who can add another dimension to magnify their works and give it an edge, making them very much in demand in today’s world of cut throat competition in visual and print media.


7. Writers


Have the skills to create magic with your words? Are you capable of writing smoothly about anything and everything under the sun? Then why chase a degree when you can simply get into the field and gain hardcore experience and sharpen those skills. A writing job, these days, is easy to come by. Other than main-stream journalism, there are numerous fields that require an articulate writer to sell their products. Content-writing jobs are waiting to be filled, and all it takes is some courage and a way with words. Most writers today are not born out of fancy universities with big degrees; they come from the lap of experience that adds up to years in the field. Moreover, most successful authors do not carry heavy degrees to back themselves up. All they have is great creative writing skills and a lot of faith to go with. Ever heard of Steve Larsen? George Orwell? Mark Twain? Agatha Christie? If you know them you should also know that none of them attended college. Perhaps, that could be enough motivation for you to go on.


8. Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents

The by word for a high-paying job without a professional degree comes from none other than the field of real estate. You see, all it takes to flourish in such a field is immensely strong people skills and flair to sell something. Most practicing real estate agents do not boast of any professional degree, all they carry is a repository of skills that can sell anything. While starting off, of course, you will not earn much but as you progress in this field, you will find that the more experience you gather, the more you become sought after. After all, when the words begin to spread among the clients whose lives you have touched by giving them a home to build their dreams in, your clientele will increase and you will soon find yourself pocketing some good amounts of cash. Perhaps, you may even find yourself in a position to be able to start your own agency someday. All it takes is a deep understanding of people, skills of conviction and some experience. Who needs a professional degree when you can gain everything you need, on this exciting job? For further inspiration, why not look at our very own Phil Dunphy, from Modern Family?


9. Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

Do you love travelling? Do you love discovering new places and going on exciting adventures? Most of all, do you carry within you the skills of adaptability and the desire to chase new experiences and gain from each one? Professional backpackers have become a new trend and the latest in the jobs market to earn hefty sums of money as they go forth and chase what they love doing most. The world wants to know more about each destination and what an exploration can lead to and travel and adventure are the means to give them what they seek. Travel journalists, Adventure bloggers, Photography enthusiasts, are a few of what a professional backpacker can do. All you need are basic skills like Rock climbing, swimming, surviving in places with the remotest resemblance to cities and the insatiable thirst for more knowledge. People are willing to pay you for your insights and travelogues and adventure television channels will film you as you scale unknown terrains and delve into the depth of new waters.


10. Call Center Executives

Call Center Executives

You may think this to be rather hilarious, I mean, come off it, a call center executive? You will be surprised at how much money a call center executive is capable of making. You see, in an economy like ours, where human resource gets outsourced to so many other countries, the BPO sector is actually very financially prosperous. The starting salary of an average BPO employee is around 10,000 Rupees. The educational qualification is close to minimum, with the applicant only requiring a basic HSC pass. The timings can prove to be inconvenient, but the money that can be made here beats all of the cons that come with landing such a job. So if you’re just sitting at home, with nothing to do while you await your college acceptances, this could be what you’re looking for. Good money with close to zero professional degree requirements.

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