Top 10 Reasons Why People Get Divorced

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6. Insecurity

insecurityTrust is the foundation stone of every marriage, when that is lacking, the marriage will be prone to immediate failure. Insecurity in marriage can be an outcome of anything, a general wariness about the future of the marriage or the good ol’ fear of the spouse’s disloyalty. Paranoia plays an important factor in breaking up these marriages. Psychologists are of the opinion that insecurity may often be a result of any childhood trauma, being raised by a single parent or the lack of parental love and also a tumultuous past relationship among many other reasons. Insecurity springs from the wildest imaginations and crazy assumptions all relating to the marriage debacle and it ultimately ends up being the final cataclysmal end of it. Just because it was all in the head!


7. Psychological reasons/Addictions

addictionsWhat is in the mind will be reflected in habituation. Psychological factors like childhood trauma, parents’ divorce play an important role in shaping one’s marital life. These risk factors are uncontrollable and that is what makes them scarier. According to Dr. William H. Doherty, a notable marriage scholar and therapist, the chance of divorce doubles if one has witnessed the divorce of one’s parents and triples when the spouse had faced the same. Addiction is a leading factor for divorces. Substance abuse often goes hand in hand with spousal abuse. One’s senses are numbed by the addictive substance and as a result one does not know right from wrong. So it is of no surprise that such a marriage is doomed. Commitment requires understanding, love and care which may often lack when the partner maybe psychologically lacking or addicted to something and incapable of rational thought.


8. The Nosy in-laws

Nosy in-lawsFamily is traditionally very important to Indians. As they say, marriage is not only a coupling between two individuals but also a union of two families, so when the in-laws start taking too much interest in a couple’s marriage (the intervention is often based upon the fact that the elders ‘know best’), it might very well sound the death knell to the matrimony. Moreover, it also proves that family is not a the happy and organic unit that one might always consider it to be, so it is better to shut the door to these nosy in laws and take your own time to understand the spouse better.


9. Cultural and/or religious differences

religious differencesIndia is a land of various cultures and religious. Our unity lies in our diversity. But, not when it concerns marriage. Sure, celeb couples like SRK and Gauri Khan make inter religious marriages seem like a cake walk, but it requires a certain amount maturity and a great deal of compromise to make the marriage a superhit jodi. The immediate problem that arises from such marriages is the disapproval of the families of the bride and bridegroom concerned. Sure, love conquers all according to the Bollywood formula but the stark reality is quite in the contrary, it takes years and probably coercion before the families give in. To be completely disconnected from the family that has been the caregiver for years can be quite detrimental for the wedlock when the individuals concerned start blaming themselves and one another for their predicament. Other conflicts that may arise would be how to raise the children (culturally or religiously), etc.


10. The Trigger Happy Couple

Happy coupleCouples such as these love to hate. They cannot seem to agree with each other on anything and just as the heading may suggest, they love shooting down each other’s arguments with great delight and satisfaction. They themselves are the sole reason of the failure of their marriage. On chancing upon these couples one may often wonder as to how they could stand each other long enough ever get married. It seems an impossibility that these couples could have ever been in love. So why do they fight? Could be for a number of reasons from financial to simply ideological. However, we do know their incompatibility would soon end their marriage. The End.

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