Top 10 Reasons to Get a Pet

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6. Routine

Having a pet can make you lead a healthy, disciplined and a routine life. You cannot just take your pets out once in a week. It is supposed to be an everyday affair. And with our busy and ever so fast lives, taking that time out can be difficult and challenging. But you can take the pet out at the same time every day, feed them at the same time, designate their playtime and sleeping time, thus making you stick to a routine no matter what. Of course you can change the routine to break the monotony, but it teaches us to lead a more disciplined life.


7. An Antidote for loneliness

You can shut out from all people, but you will never be able to completely shut out from your pet. No matter how lonely you feel or no matter how detached you get, your pets will always be there for you. They will run around you until they see the slightest hint of a smile on your face. They will never go away from you or abandon you. You can literally pour your heart out to them, tell them your deepest and darkest of secrets and they will never break your trust, judge your or let you down.


8. Stress busters

Pets are very well known stress-busters. People with pets are very less likely to get stressed or extremely worked up in a situation where as a person without pet will get very stressed out. The reason for this is yet unknown but scientists say that maybe the whole idea of having a companion with you to face all and any problems, or taking patterned walks, getting fresh air helps our body to calm down better. Even old people who have pets show very less signs of stress and have a happy and a healthy life.


9. A form of exercise

When you have a pet, especially dogs, you can’t just feed them and play with them inside your own home all the time. They need fresh air just as much as we humans do. So you have to take your pets out for a walk or a run. And it can even be the other way round. If you want to go for a walk and have no one to go with, you can take your pets and they can be great companions. Even when you are being lazy, your pets will make sure you get off that couch and take them out, thus helping you keep fit. And nothing says happiness like a fit family.


10. Instant Mood Up Lifters

You come back home after a very tiring and a very stressful day in the office or college. You swear that you have just had it for the day and want to talk to no one anymore. And then you come back home to your pet, wagging their tails, panting heavily just because they are so happy to see you. They will run around you until you give them attention and they will then instantly make your mood so much better. They are in fact, the best anti-depressants ever. Studies have actually shown that people who have pets are less prone to getting any mental diseases or disorders and even depression. How can you feel glum when you have 24/7 happiness jumping around you?

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