Top 10 Things Not To Do On A Holiday

Wikipedia defines holiday as “a day set aside by custom or by law in which normal activities, especially business or work, are to be suspended or reduced”. However needless to say, to most of us holidays mean much more than that defined in these words. Holidays for us are a day without worry, a day for ourselves, and a day to carry out the activities which have been planned for days. There are many activities that can be during the holidays to make the memorable, but there are some activities which might actually spoil them. Here is a list of ten such activities which you should never do on a holiday.

1. Get attracted to cheap holiday packages cheap holiday packages For many, holidays mean a time to go on a trip with family or friends. To make their trip more memorable they take the advice of the travel agents and select a package from many holiday packages. On needs to take into account all the factors while selecting a package, but sometimes the “budget factor” becomes most important for them. It has been often seen that people fall in for some cheap holiday packages. This often result in very bad experiences during the trip because people often do not realize that to reduce the total price of the package and make the package more attractive the travel agents actually cut down on many aspects. It is therefore advised that before selecting a holiday package they must look into every aspect and shall not just select any cheap holiday plan.   2. Enrolling in any activity class activity class Joining an activity class to improve and enhance one’s potential is one of the best ways to spend the holidays. However it has been observed that often people join in any activity class during the holidays, sometimes just to spend time and sometimes after seeing their friends joining those classes. Such classes give no real benefit to the person pursuing the classes and in fact stress them. Hence it is advisable that people should not just join in any activity class but should actually try to recognize the inherent capacities within themselves and then join in such classes which would nurture those capacities.   3. Being lazy all day being lazy all day It has been often seen that people become lazy during their holidays. The phenomenon is especially observed in the students who stay in hostels and the young professional who stay away from their families. They spend their entire day sleeping or by lying over the bed for hours without doing anything. They do not realize that they are actually wasting a beautiful day which they might have utilized to do or at least begin the things they have always desired to do. Hence it is not advisable to be lazy during the holidays. Instead one should be over enthusiastic on holidays to enjoy it to the fullest.   4. Gossiping on the phone or over the net gossiping on the phone The elder generation often complain that phone and internet have become the best friends of Gen Y. This perhaps is the truth as they are found with either their mobile or laptop whenever they get time. But I opine that these friends shall be given a break during holidays. Holidays are meant to explore new items and hence there is no reason that you remain stuck to a virtual world. In fact instead of chatting on net with your hundred online friends it is advisable to go and meet one real friend in person, trust me it will give you more happiness.   5. Shopping Shopping This heading might have surprised few of you, as holidays are the only days when you get time to shop for the things you need. However here by shopping, I dint mean shopping of the items that one has planned to buy since long and was just waiting for a time to buy those. What I meant here was that one should not plan to spend their holidays by going to malls for shopping or window shopping. Often people decide to visit a mall or a shop just for window shopping, but then find it difficult to resist themselves and finally end up buying useless things. Therefore I suggest that while planning for holidays shopping/window shopping shall not even be considered as an option.   6. Overeat overeat It has been seen that during their holidays people generally try out different cuisines. There are also a few who find munching snacks as a good way to pass their free time during holidays. These attitudes are definitely not advisable, as often people unknowingly eat much more than their capacity which can cause adversely to their health.   7. Part time job part time job People usually suggest students to do some part time job while on vacations. They opine that this is a way through which they can gain practical exposure to the real world; they think this to be a kind of internship before the person actually starts working after completing their education. However, I have a different opinion. Holidays are definitely meant to do something new, but not something which a person has to do for next 35-40 years. Also a school or college going student is definitely very immature to handle work pressure and very naive to understand workplace politics and a wrong experience during this time can actually affect their mind. So I feel that one must never do part time jobs during their holidays.   8. Spend time in front of the TV spend time in front of the tv Television has become a best friend of mankind since its invention. People like to spend their free time in front of television. However spending holidays in front of television is not advisable. This is because after some time, watching television no longer remains a time pass, but more of a habit, and it might be difficult to get rid of it once the holidays are over.   9. Office work office work It has been often observed that people carry out their pending office work during the holidays. Others are seen doing office work during holidays to get a comparatively free day at work. This attitude nullifies the entire concept of holidays (i.e. to get a break from the daily routine work). It is therefore necessary that office work shouldn’t be pursued on holidays.   10. Getting up late getting up late People find holidays as a license to get up late. This is a major mistake. Holidays are meant to carry out the activities which people are not able to do in their normal working days. Getting up late hampers the normal routine of the person, and it is observed that often the person finds time just enough to carry out the works which he does on his working days. This does not mean that people should not relax at all. Holidays are best time you can relax and getting up half to an hour later than your normal schedule is definitely not bad, but then there should certainly be a limit to this.

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