Top 10 Modern Classic Novels

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6. Roots:


An outstanding chronicle which derives its subject and theme from its very title. In this modern classic Alex Haley has captured the pitying condition of slaves who had been transferred from Africa to other white parts across the globe. This is a story of a teenager boy, Kunta Kinte who is secretly captured from a village of Africa and is sent to a foreign land. Alex Haley is the descendent of Kunta Kinte and he at the end of the story finds his roots through wide travelling and extensive paper research.


7. Sea of Poppies:

Sea of Poppies

Another classic written by Amitav Ghosh encapsulates Deeti and Kalua as indentured labourers from a small town of Ghazipur, India This is based on the theme of enslaved labourers supplied to different parts of the world for the purpose of farming of poppy flowers. During that time a lot of Indians, some by their wish and others forcefully, were sent to neighbouring Indian parts as labourers. With no other option left out they settled there but few of them returned to trace their childhood footprints and descendants. Amitav Ghosh has featured a dark face of Indian labourers and the penury suffered by them during those days.


8. Of Human Bondage:

Of Human Bondage

Of Human Bondage written by Somerset Maugham is another all-time classic. Although denied by the author this novel is autobiographical in nature. The protagonist of the novel Philip Carey is born with a club foot and becomes orphan in life at a very early age. He is taken under the guidance of his uncle. The novel depicts the trials and tribulations of Philip Carey and the problems he has to face in life because of his club foot. He tries his hand at several vocations but gives up in between. Then he takes up medical studies but is not able to complete the course due to financial reasons. In the meantime he also falls in love with several women but here also he is unsuccessful. At last after the death of his uncle and the fortune he inherits from him he is able to complete his medical education. After completing his medical education Philip Carey starts his medical practice in a small town, marries a lady and settles down. Unquestionably it a wonderful and impeccable classic.


9. The Good Earth:

The Good Earth

Another great novel of the twentieth century is The Good Earth written by Pearl S Buck. The author of this book also won the Nobel Prize in 1938. This book is considered one of the greatest classic novel of the last century. The novel depicts the family life of a farmer Wang Lung and his family in a small Chinese village. The story begins with Wang Lung’s wedding and follows the the rise and fall in his fortunes right from a poor farmer to becoming a landowner and then again sinking into poverty due to the wasteful ways of his family members at the end of the novel. The novel depicts very beautifully the social and economic life in Chinese villages first quarter of the twentieth century. In between we also get glimpses of life in the bigger towns and cities in China. The novel also touches the menace of opium consumption in Chinese society and how it was ruining the country as a whole. On the whole the novel is a very good and interesting family drama.


10. Oliver Twist:

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is written by Charles Dickens and was published in 1838. The story is about an orphan, Oliver Twist, who endures a miserable existence in a workhouse and then is placed with an undertaker. He escapes and travels to London where he meets the Artful Dodger, leader of a gang of juvenile pickpockets. Naively unaware of their unlawful activities, Oliver is led to the lair of their elderly criminal trainer Fagin. In this famous novels Dickens mocks the hypocrisies of his time by surrounding the novel’s serious themes with sarcasm and dark humour. It is also said that Oliver Twist is a biographical novel based on Dickens’ own early youth as a child labourer .Oliver Twist has inspired authors, filmmakers and play writers over the ages as the novel been the subject of numerous film and television adaptations, musical plays and motion pictures.

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