Top 10 Ironies of Life

Irony is something which you find almost everywhere. You don’t sometimes realize that you live with it and so you have no clue of what it exactly means. Anything that happens totally opposite to what you have expected can be termed as “Irony”. It is actually very difficult to explain what exactly “Irony” is. But through these examples I’m sure you people will get an idea of what it is. There is always an unexpected turn taking place in everyone’s lives, which sometimes has a positive effect and sometimes a negative effect. If it takes a positive turn then you can call it “luck” because such a thing happened to them, which they had never expected. If it takes a negative turn then you can call it their “bad luck”, again because of the same reason- they never expected. There are many kinds of ironies that exist. But the 3 most commonly used are Verbal, Dramatic and Situational. Verbal irony can be described as, if a person says something, he actually meant the opposite of it. Dramatic irony is the one which is used during narration, and when an event occurs, the audience understands it but not the characters in that drama. Situational irony can be explained as, if something happens, then the reversal of what is expected, occurs. Miscellaneous

Ironies can be used to express deep or extreme situations i.e. if we want to express something which has got to be really very hilarious or terribly tragic. Technically speaking, ironies were highly used in Shakespearean plays and other dramas earlier to express immense happiness or sadness. These examples will give you a clear idea of what exactly the word “Irony” means. So, the top 10 ironies of today’s life are:


1. Illiteracy to Literacy!

illiteracy to literacy

Often, children of illiterate parents are hardworking and are serious about life. Since they have a practical example in front of them, they know the value of education and so they strive hard to achieve success. And this motivation leads to a person becoming a bestseller author. Now you know, what “Illiteracy to Literacy” means.


2. Insult to the Uniform!

insult to the uniform

Most people are arrested for committing various crimes. When you come across the word “Crime”, most of you get a picture of thieves, thugs, murderers, terrorists etc, in mind. And when you come across the word “Police”, you get the words “safety” and “security” in mind. Why don’t you put this the other way round? Can’t digest it right? But you have to accept the fact that even the Police commit crimes and get arrested.


3. Help! I’m about to drown!


Most children don’t inherit the characters of their parents. But it’s a very common thing that people always compare children with their parents. They often comment on the similarities and differences they have. So you can say there is irony when you come across a Naval Officer’s child who can’t swim.


4. Mummy!! Blood Stains!!

blood stains

It’s natural when a person sees blood and faints. Some people have the fear of the sight of blood. It’s called the “Hemophobia”. “Doctor, the operation theatre is ready.” The nurse screams. The doctor wears his gloves and puts his green mask on and walks into the operation theatre. He checks his patient who is lying on the bed and is sure that the anaesthesia has had its effect on his patient. He takes a surgical knife and makes a slit on the skin and screams out loud and faints! The patient wakes up and looks at the nurse! The nurse says, “It’s nothing to worry. Your doc has Hemophobia”.


5. Who developed that software?


Not all people know languages. I’m talking about a language which cannot be spoken, but can only be written! It’s called the “Programming” language. Software developers are very much respected all over the world. Because of them, life has been so much easier down the line. But some software engineers are rejected in interview selections, all for the same reason! You know what reason?? Take a guess! ….It’s because they don’t know C programming (Basics of programming). What an insult to Dennis Ritchie (creator of C programming)!!


6. Hey Vet! My dog wants an appointment!

hey vet

Pets are always loved and cared for, like any parent loves and cares for their child. Just a small scratch on the child’s skin and the parents rush to the doc! This is the case with their pets as well! It’s a “pet” to the owners but just a “dog” to the vet. Who knows how the doc will treat that pet if he himself is scared of it? Believe it or not! There are vets who are scared of animals!!


7. That moment when your brain stops working!

brain stops working

Yeah!! I’m talking about stage fear. They say people think that dying is much easier than delivering a speech in front of a crowd. Even the most successful speakers have this problem. When it comes to speaking up, it hits our legs! More than speaking out, you are concentrating on your legs which have held you tight in a place, not letting you move but wobbling in that still position! Lecturers too experience this. Now this is the irony here…..”A lecturer who has stage fear”.


8. Mr. “Gym”mie with a pot Belly!

mr gym

Fitness has an all new language when it comes to burning out the fat in you with professional guidance. I mean to say, if you hit a gym, you need an instructor who will guide you through all the various activities in your weight loss program. „But what’s the irony here?” you must be thinking….I’ve not yet come to its best part! You will have to say it would be ironic if your instructor has a huge pot belly himself and has come to guide you!! Gosh! This is hilarious!


9. All about marriage counsellors……

marriage counselors

Marriage counselors are experts in the field of handling “going-to-break” relationships and help fill up the gap between a husband and wife by talking it out with them. How would you react if I say there exists a divorcee who is a marriage counsellor!! Strange isn’t it?


10. C’mon! You Big Fat Bully!!

big fat bully

This explains it all!! It is the most tragic experience of life when it comes to being bullied at school or college. The most common thing you hear about bullies is that they always target the juniors or their own classmates who are very timid and do almost everything what they are told to do. But it takes great courage to bully a professional boxer’s child. Yes!! You heard me right….It is a fact that a professional boxer’s son got bullied at school.

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