Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts

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6. Arrange a day leave from work:

day leave

“Darling am I able to give you time which you deserve?” Such questions often troubles up our mind. Isn’t it? Though it’s not our fault but its somehow weakens our relation. So what could be done? Can we not arrange a holiday on this Valentine’s Day? What if you can manage and take a day leave from work on that day? Gifts are very common items for V-Day. The most important thing at this juncture is digging out time for your sweetheart. Spend the entire day with him/her and make your love realize that your work is not important than your beloved.


7. Attractive Gadget:

attractive gadget

World is getting smarter and your beloved deserves something smartest from you. So do you want to make this V-Day special with the blessings of technologies? Let’s gift him/her with a music system by storing all your love’s favorite songs. Also nowadays we get cell phones where we can download various apps through which we can make video chats. So 24hrs your sweetheart can be in front of your eyes. Awesome isn’t it? Then let’s save money for this special day and gift a unique gift to our beloved only to feel them their importance in our life.


8. Hugging Pillow:

hugging pillow

Not married yet? Missing your lover terribly at home? No need to feel upset. There are soft hugging pillows available in markets special made for V-day. Also if you do not get to find one, then place the order according to your choice. Try to get the pillow of a red color and also write “I LOVE YOU” or any love message on the top of it. Whenever your love will miss you, ask him/her to hug the pillow and imagine that you are hugging in return. But wait. Do not get only one pillow. Spend a little more money and get one for you as well. This way you both can feel each other’s love.


9. Gift Voucher:

Gift Voucher

Is your beloved a shopaholic? If yes then it’s a brilliant idea to give your darling a gift voucher of his/her favorite place. If your partner loves dress materials then just go and purchase a gift voucher (of course the amount which permits your pocket) from a famous shopping destination. I am sure nothing can impress him/her so much. This opens the door for your beloved to choose for themselves and this will increase their love for you.Try out this and you will definitely turn out to be the best partner ever.


10. Cake & Chocolates:

cake & chocolates

WOW chocolates!! The name itself melts our mouth, isn’t it? Now think how much pleased your beloved would be if you present a chocolate cake along with some candies.Nothing can beat the idea of presenting a chocolate cake with a beautiful love quote written on it. Since ages Cakes serves as a perfect mode of celebration. If you want to make the moment more special and memorable then you can try and bake a cake on your own for your love.


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