Top 10 Funky Hairstyles For Women

A new summer has arrived, to turn on the heat, yet again. Girls, are you exasperated already? The silky wind-swept winter tresses seem to have degenerated into prickly matted strands that drip sweat down your neck and shoulders the moment you walk out into the sun. The Chinese fringes irritate your hot forehead and leaving your hair open for too long means almost melting into a pool of perspiration.

If you have started feeling this way, and don’t know what to do about it, this list is for you. Presenting the Top Ten Hairstyles for Women this summer that are sure to spare you the discomfort brought on by the effect of the rising mercury on your hair, without compromising on style or glamour. Read on!


1. The side-swept braid

Sideswept braid

This is the secret to fast and fabulous summer hair. Braids are a simple and interesting way to do your hair. Braids in any form you can think of. Over-the-shoulder braid is easy enough for the beach and polished enough for most offices.


2. Braided Crown

Braided Crown

This, folks, is the crowning act – the prettiest thing you can do to your hair this summer. It can turn you into a boho-chic style goddess in no time. Okay, not exactly in no time, but this 360 degree braid is not as difficult as it looks. You start by dividing your hair into two sections. Braid each section of your hair on either side. Once you complete a braid, bring it across your head, over the ear and secure it on the other side with hidden bobby pins. Now, pull the second braid so that it covers the end of the first one, and tuck it behind your ear on the other side so that both the ends are hidden from view. Pin the braids at appropriate places so that they sit firmly in place, and it’s all done. Now, instead of being dazzled by the summer sun, you’ll be dazzling everyone around you with this absolutely fabulous crown braid!


3. Top Knot with French Braid

Top Knot with French Braid

This is a wonderful variation of the simple top-knot, and makes it so much more interesting! From the front it’s like any other top-knot, but turn to the back and you have an unexpected upside-down French braid! Nothing short of ‘Wow!’ So how do you do you it? We start with the braid: Flip your hair upside-down and start French braiding it from the nape of your neck. At the crown, make a high ponytail with the help of an elastic band. Wrap your hair around the base of the band and pin it down to place it exactly at the center. Apply some mouse or hair spray to smooth down all the strands and you’re good to go!


4. The Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

If you’re willing to go a little shorter and experiment a bit further, the asymmetrical bob is a winner -both in terms of style as well as comfort. This bob has several layers of differing length, sweeping from long to short across the front of your face. It’s an added bonus if your face is oval-shaped, but even if it’s not; don’t be afraid to try out this bold new hairdo. It’s an ace style pick and can be called a makeover in itself! It’s so stylish you won’t even need to accessorize!


5. Ponytail with French Braid

Ponytail with French Braid

It might take time, but this one can take an ordinary ponytail and turn it into a killer hairstyle! It works really well even if your hair is unwashed as that just adds to the texture. Tie the lower half of your hair into a separate pony. Now, divide the top half into three equal sections on the three remaining sides. The left and right sections are French braided all the way to the pony from the top. Once you’ve braided both sides, braid all three sections together and wrap it around the ponytail. You’ll be elated with what you see in the mirror.


6. French Lace Fringe Braid

French Lace Fringe Braid

This is a unique hairstyle to relieve your heat woes and simultaneously make you stand out in the crowd. It’s a simple one, really. Just brush your hair into a neat side part, and start braiding the front of the longer side in the manner of a French braid, including more and more sections from the back. When you reach the ends, clip or tie the braid along with the remaining hair to one side of your neck, and let it hang down the front of your shoulder. Now you’re ready to take on the summers with a unique fashion statement, and it needs hardly any work!


7. The Sock Bun

Sock Bun

Don’t frown at the name. This one is a seriously elegant hairstyle which can take on the hottest of summer days without bothering you at all. Like with most other up-does, second-day hair gets best results out of the sock bun. Take a sock (yes, you really need one), and cutting of the toe part, push your hair through it like you would to make a high ponytail. Now, take the ends of the pony and spread them out over the sock. Start rolling the sock as if to make a doughnut, taking the hair along with it in each roll. Once you near the base of your head, the rolling gets easier, and when you’ve reached the surface, you’ll find that your bun sits safely on the top of your head, if you’ve done it right. Make sure the strands are well tucked in and cover the sock completely. Add a few bobby pins and a bit of hairspray for finishing touches.


8. The Tousled Chignon

Tousled Chignon

If a carefully careless look is what you’re looking for, the tousled chignon is one of the easiest and prettiest buns you can find! The best part about this very summer hairdo is that t’s effortlessly attractive, without getting too messy or uncomfortable. All you need is a lot of bobby pins to keep the bun in place. You can secure it high up or lower near the neck to create two distinct variations of this very flexible up do. Brush back slightly teased hair into a ponytail, and then turn it around carelessly a number of times, finally securing it with the pins. Smooth on some hairspray and the look is complete!

This one’s especially for voluminous hair, but requires a little bit of work. Yet it’s totally worth it, because once it’s done, you can forget all about your summer hair concerns for as long as this beautiful knot sits pretty on top of your head. Start by dividing freshly washed and dried hair into several one-inch thick sections, except the bottom. Blow-dry each section carefully until they are all equally straight and smooth. Now, tie the bottom section into a ponytail that rests high on the back of the head. Once you’re done, wrap this pony around itself over and over again to build up the hive, clipping or pinning it own after each turn. Use some hairspray to ensure that it stays in place. The thinner sections can then be pulled back and secured with the hive to complete the look at the back. In front, comb out the remaining strands just the way you want – a side swept fringe or bangs parted in the middle. And there you have it -your very own easy summer version of the iconic beehive!


9. The Long Bob

Long Bob

You just can’t take the heat anymore, but you’re apprehensive of cutting your hair too short? If the answer’s a yes, the long bob is for you, Goldilocks! It’s neither too long, nor too short, as the name suggests. It’s what you call ‘just right’! It allows an appreciable length for those who are dead scared of short crops, and yet, is enough of a bob to ensure that your hair doesn’t get all hot, sweaty and prickly, making room for enough air to pass through those bangs. It’s hassle free. You can play around with it, add accessories, and wear it exactly the way you want. What else do you need?


10. The Tucked Over Pony

Tucked Over Pony

An ordinary ponytail when done neatly looks good enough, but it may not give you all the comfort you need. You wouldn’t like it constantly swishing to and fro over the nape of your neck on a 42 degree Celsius afternoon, would you? So here’s a look that lets you have the pony sans the swish, and this is how you do it: First, tie your hair into a simple high ponytail, with an elastic band. Next, wrap a section of your hair around the base, to hide the elastic, taking care to tuck all the strands in. Finally, stretch out the ends of the tucked pony to give it a chic, fanned out effect. Smooth on some hairspray, and you’re done. It’s that simple!

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