Top 10 Strange Things TSA Found in the Luggage

There are so many rules and restrictions as to what is allowed on the planes and what not. Yet many people bring things that are not allowed to be carried on the planes. These people make attempts to hide the inappropriate and hazardous things in a very strange way. The things sometimes carried on the plane may not seem to be hazardous, but some things are very strange and raises the question that why would someone carry such things to plane. We have made a list of such strange things which are found by TSA agents in the luggage carried by the passengers.


1. Stun Gun masked as a cell phone

Stun Gun masked as a cell phone

This might be the most treacherous items found by the TSA agents that we have mentioned here on the list. Things that are considered harmful to be carried on the plane are more threatening if they are disguised as something else which is not harmful. In the year 2011, a person tried to carry a stun gun with him at the airport which appeared like a pink phone. Who would carry a gun to an airport if he/ she do not have an alternative motive behind it? The gun was spotted thanks to the advanced technology.


2. A science project

A science project

Another weird thing found by the TSA agents was a science project. At first, they thought it to be an explosive and their misunderstanding led to the shutdown of the airport for many hours. The airport was again open once it was made clear that it was a science project and not an explosive. A student from Omaha in Nebraska brought his science project at the airport. When the x-ray monitor showed the image of this project, it appeared to be an explosive. Since it is not allowed that the TSA agents search any explosive and hence bomb squads and FBI agents were called to look into the matter. They verified it to be a science project and then the things got back to normal.


3. Snakes


Now this is really a strange thing to carry on the plane. Why would someone carry snakes on the plane? A man from Miami International Airport, flying to Brazil intended to carry snakes with him on the plane. It is reported that in August in the year 2011 a man allegedly carried around seven snakes with him. The snakes were kept in his pocket and each of the seven snakes was tied in a nylon cloth. When the man was asked to remove the items from his pocket and then walk through the body scanner, he didn’t agree to it and hence it forced the TSA agents to check his pockets in which they found snakes.


4. Knife-Comb


As we have already mentioned on the list that it is not allowed to carry any kind of sharp objects on the plane, yet another case in which a person was found carrying a knife comb with him at the airport. In Portland a man was found carrying a knife which looked like a comb in his luggage.


5. Grenade launcher

Grenade launcher

A grenade launcher was found not in the carry- on baggage, but, it was found in the checked baggage. It is very rare to find grenades and launchers on the flights as compared to guns. But, still grenade launchers are found in the luggage of passenger from Seattle. He kept a grenade launcher in his checked luggage and thought no one would find it there. It is advised not to keep things in your luggage that could be considered as harmful to anyone.


6. Fireworks


Yes, we all know that fireworks are supposed to be made for the sky, but, it does not mean you will carry them with you on the plane to take them up in the sky. Fireworks are considered to be an explosive material and hence they are restricted to be carried to the airport. A twenty nine year man carried fireworks in his luggage in Philadelphia, which was spotted by the TSA agents. The man was arrested on the charges for carrying fireworks intending to cause harm to the people on the plane.


7. Novelty Swords

Novelty Swords

It would not have appeared strange if we were living in the ancient period where swords were used to fight battles. But, we are living in an advanced century, then why would a person like to carry swords with him on the plane. A person was trying to get away with the swords in the guitar case on an airport in the Salt Lake City.


8. Live eels

Live eels

Another entry on the list in which someone was caught carrying animals with them on the plane. It is really unexplainable why someone would need to carry eels with him on the flight. Another man from Miami International Airport was trying to carry breathing eels with him on the plane. When the TSA agents found these eels with him, they were confiscated and finally given to the US Fish and Wildlife services.


9. Gassed up the chainsaw

Gassed up the chainsaw

This is considered to be a bizarre to find a gassed up chainsaw in a luggage. Don’t you think it is absurd to carry a gassed up chainsaw when flying in the plane? A chainsaw was found in, a checked baggage in New York. It is not restricted to carry chainsaws on the plane, but the airport authority has to be notified before- hand if one is intending to carry one with him. But the particular chainsaw found in the checked baggage was fully gassed and the person didn’t inform the airport staff about its presence.


10. Razor blades

Razor blades

A man in Chicago was found carrying razor blades in his jeans pockets kept in his luggage. The TSA agents first couldn’t figure it out what was kept in the pockets, but, on further investigation they found that they were razor blades.

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