Top 10 Strange Things TSA Found in the Luggage

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6. Fireworks


Yes, we all know that fireworks are supposed to be made for the sky, but, it does not mean you will carry them with you on the plane to take them up in the sky. Fireworks are considered to be an explosive material and hence they are restricted to be carried to the airport. A twenty nine year man carried fireworks in his luggage in Philadelphia, which was spotted by the TSA agents. The man was arrested on the charges for carrying fireworks intending to cause harm to the people on the plane.


7. Novelty Swords

Novelty Swords

It would not have appeared strange if we were living in the ancient period where swords were used to fight battles. But, we are living in an advanced century, then why would a person like to carry swords with him on the plane. A person was trying to get away with the swords in the guitar case on an airport in the Salt Lake City.


8. Live eels

Live eels

Another entry on the list in which someone was caught carrying animals with them on the plane. It is really unexplainable why someone would need to carry eels with him on the flight. Another man from Miami International Airport was trying to carry breathing eels with him on the plane. When the TSA agents found these eels with him, they were confiscated and finally given to the US Fish and Wildlife services.


9. Gassed up the chainsaw

Gassed up the chainsaw

This is considered to be a bizarre to find a gassed up chainsaw in a luggage. Don’t you think it is absurd to carry a gassed up chainsaw when flying in the plane? A chainsaw was found in, a checked baggage in New York. It is not restricted to carry chainsaws on the plane, but the airport authority has to be notified before- hand if one is intending to carry one with him. But the particular chainsaw found in the checked baggage was fully gassed and the person didn’t inform the airport staff about its presence.


10. Razor blades

Razor blades

A man in Chicago was found carrying razor blades in his jeans pockets kept in his luggage. The TSA agents first couldn’t figure it out what was kept in the pockets, but, on further investigation they found that they were razor blades.

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