Top 10 Unsolved Historical Mysteries

History has always been a matter of speculation. With the lack of authentic facts, many times people delve into believing many contradictory versions of it written by some Historians. But what actually need to be put into consideration are the various mysteries surrounding it. Human civilizations since ancient times have been always surrounded by the many mysteries some of which have been solved by science while others are still intact into remaining a mystery and will perhaps remain a mystery forever. I am sure many of you are well aware about some of the unsolved enigmatic occurrences which have been the trigger of our curiosity and this amazing human fascination for such mysteries help in drilling them out although there are cases of epic fail. Entwined in a web of inscrutability, such historical events have become a marvel. So get over your weariness and get ready to travel back in times and to experience a tickling sensation which would definitely be entertaining and at the same time, make you wonder!


1. The Identity of the Babushka Lady

The Identity of the Babushka Lady

While the film shoots recording the assassination of J.F. Kennedy were on, there was this unknown lady seen near the Kennedy limousine wearing a brown overcoat with a scarf on her head through which she got the name- the Babushka Lady. She was seen carrying a camera and recording events even when most people dispersed after the shooting got over. The FBI and other investigative agencies asked her to show what she has recorded but she never showed them and disappeared. Nobody knows till now what she used to record or what her name was!!


2. The Truth Behind Bimini Road

The Truth Behind Bimini Road

Divers discovered, in 1968, a perfectly aligned one kilometre straight long highway formed by dozen of huge blocks of limestone under the seabed off the coast of Bimini Island in the Bahamas. Many believe that these were the ruins of an ancient civilization while others claim that it is a natural phenomenon though none have been accurately proved yet.


3. The Gods of Olympus Could Have Been Aliens

The Gods of Olympus Could Have Been Aliens

Some believe that the Gods could be extraterrestrial beings who came to this earth much before humans carrying with them super powers and advanced technologies that affected the course of human evolution. The Swiss author, Erich Von Deniken says, “We modern humans, according to Hesiod, belong to the fifth faction created by Zeus, the iron race, a mixture of good and evil”. Also in his book called the Odyssey of the Gods, he stated that the Greek gods were nothing but ETs who invaded earth and they were not to be confused with mythical creatures. Well, no logical explanation has been provided yet!


4. Pinpointing the Star of Bethlehem

Pinpointing the Star of Bethlehem

The Christians believe that the star of Bethlehem is a faith-based event contradicting what the scientists and non-Christians have to say. For nearly 2000 years, this star has been the centre of mystery. Modern scholars believe that it was a UFO which did not change its route from east to west unlike other stars. But some British scholars suggest that it was a bright nova. The German astronomer, Johannes Kepler suggested that it was nothing but a mere conjunction point of two planets which caused a temporary new star. But no scientific explanations could provide with any authentic account and this star of Bethlehem remains unexplained.


5. Genghis Khan’s Final Resting Place

Genghis Khan’s Final Resting Place

The great warrior Genghis Khan was the leader of the Mogols and created an empire that extended from China to Hungary. But the speculation regarding the location of his tomb has been a mystery since his death. Legends suggest that his loyal followers eradicated any witnesses that could evoke any trace of his burial place by killing his soldiers and trampled the horses. Sources also say that they even rolled the course of a river to run atop his burial ground. But again, some also believe that his burial tomb lies near his birthplace in Khentii Aimag province of Mogolia. Now which is which?


6. The “WOW” Signal

The “WOW” Signal

Astronomer Jerry Ehman who was working on a SETI project at Ohio Wesleyan University’s Perkins Observatory, observed a print which was generated by a radio telescope known as the “Big Ear”. Now the question is- what did he observe that made him write a “wow” on the printout? According to Ehman, it was a signal so strong and clear, a signal that was ever recorded and could stop the mystery over which many astronomers have been debating. Years have passed but nobody could yet explain what the signal was and where it came from and it enhances the scepticism around it.


7. Secrets of the Phaistos Disc

Secrets of the Phaistos Disc

Phaistos Disc was found by an Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier in the ancient city of Phaistos, in the Minoan civilization which was regarded by many historians as the first organized Western civilization. Luigi was optimistic about finding details on the Minoan civilizations which was shrouded with mystery since thousands of years with the help of this Phaistos Disc. But he was oblivious about what came next. This disc was a biggest riddle to people. The inscriptions engraved on it contained secrets which could not be deciphered easily and it included a hymn, a prayer and a geometric theorem for a calendar. Although the scientific global community may come close in divulging the secrets by learning the Minoan language, it so far remains a mystery.


8. Locating the Remains of Christopher Columbus

Locating the Remains of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus, as well know was a famous explorer but how much do you think you know about him? The one mystery that surrounds him is the mortal remains of his dead body. After his death in 1509, his remains were travelled into many countries and we do not yet know where they ended up! Buried in a Spanish city of Vigiadolid, his remains were later transferred to Hispaniola in the Carribean. But this did not end here. His remains were again transferred to Cuba after Spanish lost their region to French and then back to Spain in Seville. Rumours have it that his remains were never moved from Hispaniolia. Considering that, a DNA test was conducted in Seville of Columbus which perfectly matched those of his brother Diego who was buried in the same city. You might think that this should come to an end but later in 2006, the Dominican Republic challenged the findings and said that the DNA analysis was not correct and hence, it is still a lurking mystery.


9. The Disappearance of the USS Cyclops

The Disappearance of the USS Cyclops

Some mysteries like that of the Bermuda Triangle will always remain a mystery despite of the plausible explanations that scientists over the years have been trying to put. Although these likely logical explanations have done us no good yet, certain mysteries are yet to be explained which also includes the disappearance of the USS Cyclops, a Proteus-class collier of the US Navy. During the World War I, the USS Cyclops was sent to Brazil in order to fuel British ships in the region of South Atlantic. On the way back from Rio de Janerio, the Cyclops halted for a brief period at an island of Barbados. After departing for Baltimore on 4th March, 1918, there was no trace of the USS Cyclops! All of the crew members and the 306 passengers were gone once and for all. No explanations could help it explain and it remains one of the largest mysteries in the history of U.S Navy.


10. The Fate of Hitler’s Stolen Wealth

The Fate of Hitler’s Stolen Wealth

The hoard of gold bars, jewellery and foreign currency with an estimation of $4 billion has evaporated in a fraction of second. These stolen possessions is said to have disappeared from the catacomb of the German Reichsbank. Decades after the World War II, there were cache of riches found in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey and Sweden but with what Hitler’s valuables were, it was denied being his. All over, treasure hunters are hunting down his looted riches but it is still swathed under the seal of myths and mysteries with all of the speculations and rumours engulfing it. Some beliefs hold that Hitler himself buried it someplace secret in  Deutschneudorf, Germany while other say that he had them stashed in banks all over. Well, whatever people suggest, it has not yet been unleashed.

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