Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Cheat in a Relationship

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“I got cheated” is probably the most common talk one can hear these days. No matter what, this is the deadliest thing that can happen to anyone. Relationship is purely based on trust and when someone takes that one big leap to break that trust, just can’t imagine the plight of the spouse being cheated. The situation is worsening day by day and one can hardly anticipate when this dreadful bomb would fall on them and shatter their entire life and dreams into pieces. Why is it that cheating has become very common in a relationship? The answer to this solely lies in the hands of the person who has cheated as only he would be able to tell what lured him or her to be so mean, selfish and distrustful. A true bond in a relationship should never be broken by cheating your spouse. Not only that you are betraying someone’s faith but also you are playing with your spouse’s feelings.

Here, let us take peek into some of the facts why should one never ever think of cheating their better halves in a relationship.


1. Mutual trust

Mutual trust

Trust is probably the biggest criteria for any successful relationship. After you physically and mentally bind with a person, a trust develops in both of you. How can you ever think of betraying that trust and walking away from your spouse to that third person? Just think of the situation your spouse would be in when he or she comes to know of your deed. Your better half would feel that she is left alone with no support and love and in some situations; he or she might take some extreme steps. You are with your spouse because of that trust, then why do you ever think of spoiling that trust in the relationship.


2. Love and affection

Love and affection

These are the two most important aspects in any relationship. You tied the knot with that someone special and a strange bonding develops between the two of you. This bond continues to get stronger and stronger as the days pass by and then you reach a stage where it becomes utmost difficult even to think a life without your spouse. The love and affection increases to a greater extent and then how can you reach a stage wherein you think of someone else in your heart. It is just impossible to give away that special place to a third person who is not at all involved with your life.


3. Deep impact on family

Deep impact on family

Family does not just comprise you and your better half instead is inclusive of the children who play a much important role in the family. Just think of the plight of kids when they learn that one of their parent is involved in an extra-marital affair. All the respect and love earned by you over the years would be completely lost in a jiffy. Then, why would you even think of a life as your children, who is you soul, have completely gone away from you. No more this could be called a family once again as all that what was present has been totally shattered. In some cases, it might also leave a deep scar on the children’s mind that could affect their emotional stability.


4. Loyalty


Relationship is all about being loyal to one another. If that goes off, then life would have no meaning at all. Parents nurture us all the years and then hand us over to the spouse with whom we have to spend a majority of our life. It is they who share with us all feelings and problems and if one turns out be unloyal to them, life becomes worthless and a mere waste. It is always better not to play with the feelings and emotions of others.


5. Commitment


Commitment is the promise one gives to the spouse. It is one of the biggest strengths in a relationship. If you have given a promise to someone, is it wise enough to break that promise and start a relationship with someone else. Does that mean that this commitment has no value at all? It is always better to be committed to your spouse as this helps lead a happier life. If you are happy with the spouse, then why that unnecessary evil thought of the other person would even come into your mind. Always, think of the commitment and be contented with your spouse.


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