Top 10 Adorable Animals That You Didn’t Know Were Vicious Cannibals

Cannibals are those animals who eat other animals alive of their category to satisfy their hunger. To balance the food cycle of nature, the mechanism of cannibalism helps a lot. Well, there is nothing wrong with eating dead animals if they are appropriate for eating, but cannibalism is eating the pity animals alive. Mostly these animals are so adorable that can make the surrounding beautiful, so must be kept in zoos or geographical parks.


1. Rabbits


Rabbits are the sweet and beautiful animals with big ears. These have one more characteristic of baby making in a bunch. Apart from this, these are good cannibals also. Rabbits don’t think much and for any reason they turn their kid into the regular snack.


2. Bonobos


Bonobos apes are one of the later versions of humans and are a very social animal. There are seventeen different styles of bonobos to greet each other. Apart from these qualities, cannibalism is also found in bonobos. They have a highly organized strategy for hunting their prey in which they attack a bunch of young bonobos and tear them up and eat them.


3. Polar Bears

Polar Bears

Polar bears are these types of cannibals who eat other polar bears alive; they don’t wait for the prey to be dead. Cannibalism is mostly found in polar bears, as bigger ones find a good snack in the younger ones. A major excuse of the cannibalism in polar bears is the climate change as ice flows and melts in a different proportion so this tends to a scarcity of food which leads to eating each other.


4. Snails


Snails are also one the cuties of the land who lives in grass. But apart from their cuddly and flexible body, some of them are deadly and aggressive cannibals also. These are called wolf snails; they have an awesome speed and superior size to hunt others to eat them. These are a superb hunter and have a variety of ways of eating the prey.


5. Sea Lions

Sea Lions

Sea lions are also one of the famous cannibals who have a very surprising excuse to eat their babies. Sea lions eat them because of laziness. They prefer to eat them up as compared to exposing them to sea water. Also, male sea lions dominate over weak and small female sea lions and snatch their babies, they like it or not. Boredom and laziness have been a highly predicted excuse for them, it is also a possibility that small pups are a very tempting food source and eating them will reduce their competition.


6. Ground Squirrel

Ground Squirrel

Ground Squirrel is one of the animals who love and care her children the most, but when some other squirrel kills and eats them. Now when squirrel lose its children, it moves to another squirrels place and snatch other children. Only some of the baby squirrel live for a year, most of them die. Further, the mother squirrel will go to another area and the vicious cycle continues. Also, they don’t find good excuses to eat the meal out of unrelated babies, which tastes delicious and are also nutritious.


7. Octopus


Octopuses are one of the beautiful aquatic wild creatures with delightful features like a lot of branches, amazing intelligence and curious eyes. Well, along with these all they have a strong tendency for sexual cannibalism. In which one of them hunt for the other after or before mating with it. Well, it is rare in both humans and animals, but it is heard that in 2007 an octopus killed its mate after mating with him for the thirteen times. There is also a fun debate that the dead octopus is found with a blush on its face.


8. Chickens


As we all know chicken are the famous food for a non vegetarian, but it is also surprising that chicken also loves their own taste. Cannibalism also leads to a serious problem in a poultry farm as the chicken don’t have space to move and when they are not satisfied with their food, they start eating other chicken. Seeing one hen eating draw attention of others to taste the meal and which will further leads a crisis in the farm.


9. Tadpoles


Tadpoles are one of the youngest amphibians which are both terrestrial and aquatic, but most of them live in water. They are the famous cannibals of the planet. Tadpoles search animals of their own breed and size to satisfy their hunger. Only some of the lucky ones grow up who save themselves from others by eating and have a consistent diet of the other tadpoles. A good thing about them is they distinguish their sibling and will not eat them. They live in the small puddle in the heart of the desert. They grow exponentially so are able to eat creatures of their kind.


10. Meerkats


Meerkats are one of the sweetest and cutest figures of wildlife possible in the planet. They give birth to their children and raise them. They have an image of caring nature to protect their family and everyone who goes near them.

Apart from their cuddly skin, fuzzy tummies and furry face, they have less cute cannibalistic tendencies. They live around the African savannah where there is a scarcity of food so they eat their young ones. Every pregnant female kills her first baby and enjoy the fresh meat. Also raising more children will also make food availability less.

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