Top 10 Reasons Why World is Getting Smarter and not Dumber

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Since the inception of this very world, many changes have helped in turning out the world in what it is today. From the age of early man to the great discoveries of fire and wheel, we have travelled a very long way. This whole change of overview has made people smarter. With every changing era, people are becoming more aware and knowledgeable. Following are the points which prove that world is not getting dumber:


1. Newer and newer technology

Newer and newer technology

The most solid proof favouring the fact that world is not getting stupider is that new and new technology is flooding the market. The technology is not only new but also more advanced. It has made the lives of people more easily and thus given a lot of time for other things. They can share this saved time with their friends and relatives. Also people are enthusiastic about this new technology. They use and learn it very vigour.


2. Education rates are increasing

Education rates are increasing

The education rates are rising at such an alarming rate which points to the world getting less dumb. People are more concerned about the level of education they provide as well as they get. Girl child education is also encouraged. At the very same time, old age education is also encouraged throughout the world. More and more people are becoming literate. This has increased the intelligence of people and made them less stupid, indeed!


3. People are becoming healthier

People are becoming healthier

With the rise of increased technological advancements in the field of medical science, the life expectancy rate has increased to a great margin. People have an easy approach to the medicines and thus are healthier. Even the people in the rural side of the world have a very good network of hospitals and doctors who take proper care of them. Advance researches are made every year to combat the deadly diseases. People are not just living for long but leading a healthy life as well.


4. Intelligent Quotient of people is rising

Intelligent Quotient of people is rising

People are becoming smarter! Since the technology is growing, to use such an advanced technology, people have to become competent enough so that they are capable of using such an advanced technology. The intelligence quotient is rising day by day. Even a small kid knows how to use iPods and iPads. This has led to many positive results. Each new generation is smarter than the previous one!


5. Poverty rates are declining

Poverty rates are declining

With the increase in awareness throughout the world, the poverty rates are falling immensely. If we see the graph of poverty rates, it has a steep slope. The world is very close to an environment where poor people have at least food to eat, shelter to cover themselves and cloth to wear. Also the people from the upper sections of the society have shaken hands with the government to work for the upliftment of the poor sections of the society.


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