Top 10 Acts of Kindness During World War II

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World War II was a quite horrific time. Around 75 million people died in this war. The war lasted for about 6 years. But in these 6 years there are many incidents which showcased the expression of sympathy. These incident shows that sympathy is always present in human nature. So here we have the list of top 10 act of kindness during World War II.


1. The Desert Fox

The Desert Fox

The Desert fox is another name of Erwin Rommel. He was one among the most important leaders of Germany. Rommel treated all his prisoners in a very nice way. He never abused any of the prisoners. During the wars, prisoners were compelled to give their possessions. But when Rommel came to know about this he immediately issued the orders to return the things to their corresponding owners.


2. Richard Carroll

Richard Carroll

Richard Carroll was a pilot of B-24 Bomber. His mission was to destroy the areas of Germany. At one of the mission his aircraft got hit by a gun and because of severe damage to the aircraft he landed in Hungary. Hungary was the territory of enemies for him. People of Hungary have killed him if the local police didn’t help him. The police took him to the hospital as he was injured.


3. HMS Glowworm and the Hipper

HMS Glowworm and the Hipper

The HMS Glowworm was a huge ship and Hipper was the man who was assigned the job to destroy Glowworm. Hipper successfully damaged the ship. Almost 109 people died in this incident. When the ship exploded people from the HMS ship started to sink. Hipper in spite being from the opposition tried to help the sinking people. He saved a total of 40 people.


4. The Jew Hid by German Officer

The Jew Hid by German Officer

Wadyslaw Szpilman was a great musician. In World War II Germans took control on Poland and moved all the Jews to a district. Wadyslaw Szpilman worked as a musician in that district and tried to earn money for his family. But earning money was not easy because of problems like starvation and diseases. After some time the people were taken to some other place for extermination. At that time a German Officer Captain Wilm Hosenfeld helped Wadyslaw Szpilman and hid him in his house.


5. Ross and Unknown Soldier

Ross and Unknown Soldier

Ross was 14 year old boy when he became a prisoner of Dachau. Being a prisoner Ross faced many problems. The officers used to beat him and humiliate him. His body was also used for many experiments. And he was not given any food to survive. At that time one American soldier shared his food with Ross. Ross kissed the boots of American in respond to his sympathy.


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