Top 10 Awesomely Passive-Aggressive Ways People Got Revenge

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Gandhi said – “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind!” But, there are very few people who actually believe in this. This article discusses top 10 awesomely passive aggressive ways people got revenge.


1. Use of Star Wars to Insult Saudi Monarch

Use of STar Wars to Insult Saudi Monarch

It was in the year of 2007 that the king of Saudi Arabia was going to visit UK for an engagement with Queen Elizabeth II. But, since he was the leader of such a country where nothing was right, whether it was government, human rights or anything, British Welsh guards did not want to perform for him on his arrival. But they could not break the protocol. So, they performed for the king on the most apropos song – The Imperial March. His reputation was trashed and the entire world knew about it except the king himself.


2. Sweary Poem by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Swaery Poem by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a popular personality. In 2010, when a bill was vetoed by Tom Ammiano, there was a message on the left hand side which bears the words – “Fuck You!” according to the rumors, Ammiano had previously accused the Governator that he was lying about his policies. This happened when Arnold was giving a fundraiser speech. Although Arnold dismissed the matter as just a coincidence, he winked while making his statement.


3. Ebert and Siskel had to Suffer

Ebert and Siskel had to Suffer

Ronald Emmerich, a famous movie director was being criticized by two critics continuously. These two critics were none other than Gene Siskel and Robert Ebert. This hurt Emmerich and he decided to teach them a lesson by casting two actors in his next movie – “Godzilla.” These two actors had an appearance exactly similar to the two critics. Ebert was depicted as an argumentative person and Siskel was depicted as Ebert’s sycophantic lackey.


4. Bear bought by Lord Byron

Bear bought by Lord ByronIt was in the year 1805 that Lord Byron took admission in the Cambridge Trinity College. He loved his dog very much and hence asked the college authorities to let the dog stay with him. But college authorities showed him a rule that dogs were strictly not allowed to stay in the college campus. In response to this, Lord Byron went out, bought a bear and returned to college. When college authorities asked him to keep the animal away, he told them that he would keep it away when there would be a rule that bears are not allowed in the campus.


5. George Lucas Sold his Land

George Lucas Sold his Land

George Lucas wanted to build a special effects workshop in his area so that high-income jobs could be created and unemployment could be reduced. But his rich neighbors did not want him to do so as it would create light pollution. So, Lucas sold his entire property to Marin Community Foundation so that low-income housing could be constructed there. Neighbors could not do anything to stop this.


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