Top 10 Depressing Facts About The Internet

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6. Teenagers are destroyed morally.

Teenagers are destroyed morally

Social media is destroying our lives and contributing to decay morality in people. The concern is even fueled as today’s youth is spending most of their time on internet. Sometimes it feels quite strange on how moral values in children are shaped.


7. Internet is killing the original spellings.

Internet is killing the original spellings

How our language has twisted? In comment section on internet , we generally observe the words like BDW,WASSUp, Lolz etc. On one side, where we always keep ourselves cautious of spelling mistakes, on the other side we are the only one who are responsible for a great twist in spellings. These spellings are even socially accepted.


8. A huge time wastage-Commenting

huge time wastage-commenting

Generally people don’t realize while spending hours on commenting. Comments on any post or photo are sometimes worth reading but sometimes they are quite humiliating. Along with wasting time People generally enjoy making fun of something or bullying someone which may prove depressing for another one.


9. Internet has reduced face to face communication.

Internet has reduced face to face communication.

In several ways internet has reduced people to communicate face to face. They spend their whole time on chats and messaging instead of meeting and enjoying. This is because today’s generation is lacking in maintaining relationships. And the things become worst when people are chating for a long time without actually knowing each other. Sitting in front of laptops and desktops seem so fascinating to them.


10. Wastage of time.

Wastage of time

Nearly half of us waste our precious time clicking around the net, social networking sites, gaming, planning a holiday or long chats and commenting. Teens contribute to this, the most. The whole day seems one hour when we are webbed. Undoubtedly, Internet is treasure of knowledge but at the same time, it is also a great stealer of time. Now a days the whole young lives are wasted away online. And it finally becomes a cause for teens to ruin their precious time.

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