Top 10 Explanations for the Bermuda Triangle

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6. The lost city of Atlantis

The lost city of Atlantis

According to the famous Edgar Cayce prophecy, in 1968 archaeologists would find the entrance to the drowned city of Atlantis near Bimini in the Bermuda Triangle. The discovery of archaeological structures surrounding North Bimini Island, have aroused questions about the existence of the city of Atlantis. While there has been repeated mention of the place in history books, nothing much have been found to substantiate the fact. However, it is believe that the city could have really been technologically advanced to exist even under the sea, sucking at the resources that pass by on the surface of the sea.


7. Space-time Continuum

Space-time Continuum

In the light of Einstein’s general theory of Relativity, the concept of wormholes and Einstein-Rosen Bridge have been long developed. A rip in the space-time continuum may not necessarily be a black hole, but can also become pathways for teleportation. Evidences exist which suggest that it is possible to get lost in the Bermuda Triangle and then again reappear in the same place after some time, which is exactly what the theory suggests. A ship entering such a point might actually get teleported to a completely new place, without even realizing! The mathematical theories involved with how wormholes work are not yet fully described, so there is no way to prove or disprove the theory that such wormholes exist in the Bermuda Triangle.


8. Positive Gravitational Mascon

Positive Gravitational Mascon

Theories suggest the existence of “mass concentrations” in all bodies in the universe, which is related to the gravitational field. It is difficult to locate or realize the exact locations of such mascon, but they are believed to exist in the seabed, directly under the triangle. As a ship sails between the waves, these dense and powerful spots can actually cause a ship to sink and drag it down to the seabed in a matter of seconds! Their effect is even more prominent in case of aircrafts.


9. Aliens


Though this theory is highly interesting and debatable from a science fiction point of view, it was not before the disappearance of Mary Celeste and the USS Cyclops, an armed Navy bulk cargo ship transporting 11,000 tons of raw manganese for use in munitions. As the ship sailed directly across the center of the triangle, its disappearance could not be substantiated with any theory due to the absence of any debris that a ship wreck would generate. Stories like this one have given rise to the theory of aliens beaming entire ships and planes into spaceships.


10. Souls of black slaves

Sould of black slaves

According to the theory of psychiatrist, Dr. Kenneth McAll of Brook Lyndhurst in England, the death and disappearances of Bermuda Triangle are related with a curse associated with the African slaves who were thrown into the sea on their voyage to America. In the 18th century, British sea captains defrauded insurance companies by tossing slaves into the ocean to drown, then cashing in on a claim for them. He wrote about his strange experiences while sailing those waters in his book “Healing the Haunted”.

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