Top 10 Reasons Why the British Royal Family is Awesome

In today’s age, many people do not see the relevance of an inherited monarchy. Still, there are various monarchies existing in the world, whether politically functional or not. The most famous and popular of them is undoubtedly the British Royal Family. With the arrival of their youngest heir on scene, people have accepted their awesomeness yet another time. Despite anti-royalist arguments from the Republicans, here are 10 reasons why the people love the British Royal Family and find them awesome:


1. They are role models to people:

role models to people

Even at the age of 86, the Queen still has a full calendar of public engagements and charity programs. She has dealt with the challenges of her role rather effectively and gracefully. She has carried out her responsibilities with quiet determination and poise. The compassion we saw in Princess Diana inspired many. The Prince’s Trust of Prince Charles has carried out exceptional work. Princes William and Harry have continuously served their country as members of the armed forces. All of these royals have been role models of commitment, compassion and courage.


2. They are changing with time:

changing with time

The Queen surely represents old traditions and values but at the same time the younger generations of royal family of England are setting the right tones for the monarchy’s future. Wills & Harry, now represent a monarchy that stays in touch with the people, is down-to-earth, is hard-working and also is forward thinking. The future seems bright with Wills holding a day-job as a rescue pilot, Harry operating on the fronts of Afghanistan and Kate flying the national flag for British fashion.


3. They are symbols of national identity and cultures:

symbols of national identity and cultures

The present British royal family members are descendants of an illustrious line of fascinating historical figures who have left behind rich legacies and tales of honor and intrigue. They are an integral part of Great Britain’s national identity. Just like France is famous for wine, Britain is famous for the royals. They provide each British national a common identity, history, values and culture that he/she can feel proud of.


4. They engage in charity:

engage in charity

The royal family is largely respected by the public for the charitable commitments it fulfills from time to time. For some of them charity is almost a full-time job. Though it’s impossible to calculate exactly how much benefit their work provides to the needy, one estimate says that the Queen helps to bring in 1.4 billion pounds a year. Nobody disputes that the entire world has benefited from the charitable work done by the Royal family of England. Those among the beneficiaries are disabled people, circus animals, military veterans, juvenile criminals, and elderly.


5. Flag-bearers of Diplomacy:

Flag-bearers of Diplomacy

One clear advantage of a royal family member undergoing a foreign trip is that he will face no haters. This may not be the case with a President or Prime Minister or a leader of a world power. The royal family, being apolitical, represents its country’s culture without being a part of controversies. The Royal family of England is loved by people worldwide and carries a strong diplomatic message with it. And why not, the most traveled royal family is the most well-liked in the world.


6. They bring in celebrations:

bring in celebrations

The English Royal family is awesome as it brings in more celebrations and holidays. Street parties, get-together, family gatherings and community events are loved by all. When different communities come together for a right-royal knees-up, it’s always awesome. The Queen or King’s birthday, Victoria Day, or a Royal Wedding, or birth of a royal baby are awesome opportunities for the same.


7. They are not a burden on taxpayers:

not a burden on taxpayers

The Royals brings in a fair share of cash to Britain in form of tourism revenue. But what’s even better is that they do not cost much to the taxpayers. The British monarchy is cheap enough to really run in a profit. Since the cost fluctuates with the state of the British economy, in tough times the royal budget has to be slashed. Wastefulness is not something that one needs to worry about in case of British monarchy.


8. They’re entertaining:


The Royal Family are definitely the ultimate celebrities and have high entertainment value. Whether it is drooling over Harry, cringing over Prince Phillip’s gaffes, chuckling at Charles reading the weather, Harry dressing as a Nazi for Halloween, there’s no denying that people find royals quite entertaining. Whether it is a scandal or public appearance – people love it all.


9. They bring in lots of tourist revenue:

lots of tourist revenue

The most visited places of Great Britain are the Buckingham Palace, St James’ Palace, Windsor Castle, Sandringham and the Changing of the Guard ceremony. Plus, the royals have their other stately homes, royal traditions and historical buildings that draw thousands of visitors for tourism into Great Britain. This certainly has a great positive effect on the British economy. There is also the sale of memorabilia, at home as well as abroad, which supplies a steady stream of income to businesses and tradespeople.


10. They are media fodder:

media fodder

Well, you cannot deny the fact that the media would be bereft without covering the activities of the royals. Over these years they’ve provided endless media content and news stories. No wonder the paparazzi clamber over each other to get the first shot of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge every time she steps out. They’re so popular that public loves to read about every single thing associated with them, whether they’ve done it right or wrong.

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