Top 10 Reasons for Reincarnation

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Reincarnation is a spiritual and philosophical concept which believes a person who dies, his soul returns back to the earth to live in a new body either in the form of human, animal or any other being which mainly depends on how he spend his previous life. Reincarnation though not widely accepted belief, it is believed by people in India; also few sects of people from Siberia, West Africa, North America and Australia. It is believed that reincarnation happens due to many reasons and there are many documented archives available which shows the existence of such activity. Person who thinks rationally would question the very foundation of this thought but there are people who believe there is religious and spiritual connection to it, attributing to god being the one deciding on the one’s soul’s fate. Here I’m listing out reasons why reincarnation happens. Although they are not conclusive, they do provide an insight into the topic. Have a good read.

1. To experience new things

To experience new things

If you compare present times with the old times, you could see so many drastic changes right from the lifestyle to the technology to the living to the food and many other things. One wants to experience all the new things happening around in the present time and wishes to get reincarnated back into the same. Human soul is never at rest. It wants more and more be it learning, teachings, philosophies, materials, etc; it wants to grab hold of everything and enjoy it with happiness. This is also one of the reason for reincarnation.


2. To repay debts

To repay debts

Whenever someone really dear to you does something really thoughtful for you; you feel obliged and indebted to that person. You want to do something for them; however it happens that you won’t have got any chance as to repay back those debts. Reincarnation happens even for this reason as such because you didn’t get that chance in your then present life and you have got that chance in your next birth. You try to repay back those debts to that same person or any other person as such which will eventually take off the burden from your chest.


3. To learn new things

To learn new things

There are also people who feel that whatever teachings or learning their came to know in their then present life isn’t enough to give contentment to one’s soul. They reincarnate back into this world to learn new things, new paradigms to the existing teachings they have learnt, etc. Everyone wants to know everything what happens around them and one life isn’t enough to cover up all the folds and approach of those already established theory.


4. To teach others

To teach others

Those people who have attained all of their learning in their then present life feel that they should come back and teach people he meet in his next life with those teachings and philosophies. It is based on the belief that even though their souls are content with satisfaction, they feel the need to spread their teachings which will act as catalyst in bringing a change in the consciousness and conscience of people.


5. Revenge


This is one of the popular believes for reincarnation that if someone is tormenting you in your present living life has to do something with your past life. It is considered that if you have inflicted any suffering or pain on someone or even an animal in your previous birth, they come back to your present life as your near and dear one to give you agonising pain and suffering.


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