Top 10 Reasons You Should Believe In Ghosts

The existence of ghosts is highly debatable topic. Large numbers of arguments have been presented by people of both sides – those who favor the fact of their existence and others are those who don’t. On one side, we being in the era of modern science and technology do not believe in the presence of ghosts however there are people who have solid facts which can make you believe the existence of ghosts. These facts are not just jaw dropping but also true and scary at the very same time. Following are points which prove the existence of ghosts:


1. Existence of soul after death

Existence of soul after death

One important question that hover every person’s mind is what happens to the soul after the body dies. The soul which has some unfulfilled wishes is chained with the Earth and forced to wander until that wish is granted. Then the only possible form in which the body can exist in world is in the form of a ghost. There is no other plausible reason which states the existence of the soul after death.


2. Photos of ghosts

Photos of ghosts

There are thousands and thousands of hard copy proofs which clearly states that ghost do exists. People have clicked various photos which have ghosts in them, indicating their existence. Though ghosts cannot be seen with naked eyes, they are sometimes captured by the camera. They were not seen when the photos were clicked but something unusual then popped out in windows. These photos were majorly taken at haunted places and graveyards.


3. Animals can feel them

Animals can feel them

The presence of ghosts or paranormal spirits is felt by most of the animals if the spirits are in the nearby areas. There have been instances where tamed animals behave awkwardly in some strange places. They can feel the change in environment in a more enhance manner than us, they can sense the air. For example, dogs start barking at nothing and no one. These all indicate the presence of some spirit nearby.


4. Contact their loved ones

Contact their loved ones

There have been various stories where the passed ones have contacted their family members. This branch of science is known as necromancy. The passed spirits occupies the body of a living member and then establishes contact with the other members through him. The spirit guides them about the rights and the wrongs. The spirit also answers the question asked to it. This is one solid proof favoring the existence of ghosts.


5. Oddly behavior

Oddly behaviour

There are times when the people near us, our acquaintances, who have been so normal, start behaving abnormal. They shout at walls, cry for nothing, bang their heads, hurt themselves and in worse cases kill other people. This is because their body is possessed by the wandering spirit. It is then onto the wish of the spirit to leave the body of not. Some spirits torment the body and give enormous pain to the individual.


6. Stories


Stories of ghosts have been prevailing all over the world in various forms. People narrate their own encounters with the spirits and ten these stories go from one mouth to other. These are not just made up. They have some truth in them. People just don’t do them for their fun, they do so that people can be made aware and be saved from any danger from ghosts.


7. People have seen and felt them

People have seen and felt them

There have been series of reported instances where people from various part of the world have seen ghosts with their own eyes. One cannot believe what he has heard but how can one not believe what is seen? Sometimes the presence of a spirit can also be felt. We suddenly feel cold and have goose bumps. All this is because our sixth sense is giving us an indication of something abnormal.


8. Strange noises

Strange noises

One important aspect which points to the existence of ghost is ghostly noises. There have been various instances where people have heard odd voices of door cracking , footsteps approaching, growling, singing and even wild scary laughter. These voices are mainly heard in locations which are haunted or too old and unfit for human in-habitation. There is no other reason which can cause such noises other than the presence of ghosts. They show their presence by various methods some of which are mentioned above. However these noises are not heard by everyone, only a few people can hear them.


9. Conservation of energy

Conservation of energy

There is a very famous rule in physics saying “Energy is neither created nor destroyed”. Energy is only transferred from one form to another and since human body is also a storage box of a lot of energy, when the body dies the energy must transfer from the body to some other form. This form though is not seen by visible eyes but can be detected by various other means and does exist so as to balance the energy in the world.


10. They have been captured

They have been captured

The existence of the ghosts can be proved as there are many ghost hunters who have caught them. Also there are other saints who do various spells to free the body of the victims in which the spirit of the ghost lives. The ghost hunters capture them in various bottles. Some also free them from the shackles of world so that the spirit can rest in peace. Live evidence which the ghost hunters have is a solid proof to believe that the ghosts have their existence.

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