Top 10 Most Disturbing Skin Conditions

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6. Gangrene


This is a very serious and life threatening disease where the mass of tissue on a part of the body literally dies! It happens due to improper blood flow in that part of the body which leads to the death of the cells in the infected area. People suffering from diabetes and long-term smokers are the usual victims and are more prone to this disease.


7. Argyria


Argyria is caused by exposure of skin to silver dust and other compounds containing silver. Well, having just red or black spots could be so heart breaking, but what if the entire skin colour changes into something else? Yes, this disease causes the skin to turn entirely blue or bluish grey like the ones in the smurfs movie! The severe cases of this disease can be disfiguring. This is not a life threatening disease though, but it is cosmetically undesirable.


8. Madura Foot

Madura Foot

This is seen in farmers, it is a disease that generally affects the foot of the farmer due to the fungal spores that enter the sounds or cuts in the feet. They do not cause any pain but discharge fluids which later turn into pus filled nodules all over the feet! There are no vaccines to this disease. Only proper hygiene practices like washing the feet regularly and wearing shoes while working in the farm can prevent this disease.


9. Blister


Blisters are like boils on the upper layer of the skin filled with fluid. It could be blood or pus. It is generally caused by rubbing, burning, chemical exposure or freezing of the skin. Even though they are also quite common, too many blisters can make it look really ugly and very painful as they burst to eject the fluid out. These blisters will vanish ones the fluid is removed.


10. Acne


This is quite a very common skin disease that is seen during adolescence that causes scaly red skin, blackheads and white heads, pinheads, large papules, pimples, and possibly scarring in the face, the upper part of chest and the back. But what makes it scary is that, they may or may not even diminish. They can remain forever on the skin. Acne in it is serious form is inflammatory. They form large nodules, also called cysts that appear on the butt, groin and the armpits where one sweats more. This not only spoils one’s beautiful looks but also destroys self-esteem leading to many suicides among teenagers!

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