Top 10 Reasons America Should Be More Like Canada

The America has, for long, been considered the model of perfection when it comes to governance, laws, technology and economy. Many countries have looked up to America as a sound example. But is America really perfect? Or does it still have to learn something from other countries? If we look at its immediate neighbor, Canada, we may easily spot areas where America needs to learn from Canada. Look at the top 10 of these issues:


1. Freedom:


Though America is credited to be the first witness of concept of freedom, along the course, many issues in this regard have faded America’s hold on it. Canada is way ahead of America when it comes to freedom parameters or indices. These indices include the Press Freedom Index, the Economic Freedom Index, the Democracy Index and many more. It is easy to operate a business or own property in Canada. Apart from financial freedom, personal freedom indicators also say Canada is a better place to live in. Canada is at 12th position in IHDI (inequality-adjusted human development index), whereas the USA stands at the 23rd place.


2. Debt culture:

Debt culture

Canadians, since long, have been known to be great avoiders of debt. They love to buy new gadgets or luxurious items, but they won’t do so on the risk of being caught in a debt circle. This is why Canada has a lesser debt ratio, stable mortgages and banks. On the other hand, the consumer culture of America is entirely different. They go for bigger houses and nicer cars; even if they know they will have to go into debt for it. This is why the per capita debt of America is much higher.


3. A more decisive political structure:

more decisive political structure

The pattern of distribution of power to the people holding political and constitutional positions in Canada is such that it imparts a unilateralism to the nature of Canada’s political functioning. For example, the Prime Minister here gets his wishes implemented both easily and quickly. Whether it is about solving conflicts or taking measures to strengthen a struggling economy, the more decisive government of Canada has an edge. On the other hand, the US president cannot take a decision at his freewill, i.e. without a series of committee meetings.


4. The Metric System:

The Metric System

Metric system is arguably the better system of standards and measurements but unfortunately America has yet not switched to it. Canada operates in the metric system and it is high the USA makes that transition as well. It is the standard system used in armed forces, science and medicine. Though old habits are tougher to kick, but every country is doing that, why not America?


5. Gun-based violence:

Gun-based violence

Increased cases of gun-based violence in the United States have put some serious question marks on the local safety net of the country. Getting guns in the USA is easy and these days, they are becoming basic tools for freedom-cum-security-cum power in the country. If you consider Canada, gun based violence is pretty low here. The procedure for obtaining licenses is a bit more difficult and time consuming but you would not be disappointed if going for target shooting or hunting. The gun culture here is better and safer.


6. No Pennies for Canada:

No Pennies for Canada

Like many countries that are doing away with pennies, Canada has joined the party. A country may save a lot by letting go of the pennies. Statistics say that America can go richer by 11 million dollars if it does away with pennies. America spends a lot on making pennies and they are something that the citizens do not really need.


7. One and Two Dollar Coins:

One and Two Dollar Coins

Perhaps America wishes to carry on the tradition of pennies simply because it thinks the citizens love the sound of jingling pennies in their pockets. It is perhaps a pretension that you are quite rich even if you are working in a Poor People Factory. For all the penny-lovers, there seems to come a good news – now these pennies can be replaced with one and two dollar coins. They are already present in Canada, which has been more thoughtful since the beginning, and they are seemingly serving the purpose to the hilt.


8. Sports:


The USA and Canada have somewhat similar sports but over the years, it has been observed that the USA is not doing enough to ensure its supremacy over others in the field of sports. For example, consider ice hockey – the love for this sport which has a truly competitive international scene, has been declining in USA. Baseball is seasonal whereas basketball is more watched than being played. It’s a great game with excellent players but is still receiving little patronage. On the other hand, Canadians are in love with sports. They even have CFL – the Canadian Football League. They are innovative in rules which seems more like a evoking a freshness in the traditional US rules of playing sports.


9. Healthcare:


USA is known for its top-notch healthcare facilities but they are way too expensive. You may just go bankrupt paying for your medical expenses in the United States. On the other hand, the medical facilities in the Canadian states are more affordable. They are adequate and cover all people. Maybe USA should learn to offer more affordable healthcare facilities to its citizens, just like Canada does.


10. The bureaucracy:

The bureaucracy

The relationship between the bureaucracy and the politically powerful people in Canada is much healthier. The public servants there are put to high positions to enforce a level of standards and quality control. In the USA, the top deputies and appointed as a part of the thick layer of partisan appointments and often preclude the quality control as mentioned for the public servants of Canada.

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