Top 10 Myths About Spiders

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Most people feel uncomfortable with the presence of spiders. They believe that they are harmful pertaining to the human life but in real these are not the fact, rather they are myths. Though some are facts but most of them are myths. Thus the top 10 myths about spiders are:


1. Truth about Camel Spiders

Truth about Camel Spiders

This is one of the most interesting facts that Camel Spiders appears to have ten legs and are mainly found on the back of the camel stomach (so called camel spiders) and are 1 ft. in length. This is a total myth because firstly they are not the spiders, rather they mainly belong to the class of Solifuage which include other spiders also like wind spider and sun spider. Another myth related to them is that they run with a speed of 25 mph and during running they make some screaming noise. Though Camel spiders are nocturnal therefore they stay active mainly in nights and run away from the heat generated by sun. They are most commonly found in Eastern deserts, Southwestern USA, Mexico.


2. Grand Daddy Long Legs Venom

Grand Daddy Long Legs Venom

Daddy Long Legs are the most powerful venom among spiders and are the most harmful spider. It is also said that their bite caused the death of a person. This is a myth because though these spiders can bite but they have no poison and venom and have harmless bites. These spiders should not be confused with the Opiliones or crane fly as they are not spiders as they don’t have venom. These spiders come in the class of the spider family Pholcidae. They are mainly found in the corners of the wall, cave and other corner related areas. The legs of these spiders are so long that they easily catch the mosquitoes and other web spiders in their own web and kill them.


3. Black Widows eat their Mates

Black Widows eat their Mates

This is one of the interesting facts that the Black widows eat the male during mating which is a myth as it is not entirely true. Black widow is called so because during mating a female spider kills her husband and thus become a widow. This fact is mainly found among the southern black widow spider and they prevent their nest more aggressively than other black widow female spiders. After laying more than hundred eggs during mating, maximum 30 of them became the black widow female spiders.


4. Swallow 8 spiders per year during sleep

Swallow 8 spiders per year during sleep

This is another myth that you swallow nearly about eight spiders during sleeping. This myth was stated by Lisa Holtz, but because this is a myth then no need of worrying about it by preventing your mouth with tapes during sleeping which some people did earlier. But at one instance, this myth turned out to be fact that when you are away from your home for a month and then check your home thereafter, you will find many spiders clinging at the corner of the walls.


5. Laying eggs on the skin of humans

Laying eggs on the skin of humans

Yet another myth that spiders lays eggs on the skin of the human. An email arrived on net describing that a person was bitten by a scorpion and after few hours swelling arises which one day burst out and give rise to a baby spider. This is a complete myth because spiders never lay eggs on human skin. This is a myth story which is well related to the story of bot fly which describes that a bot fly lay eggs on human skin.


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