Top 10 Myths About Spiders

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6. Spider don’t get caught in their own web

Spider don't get caught in their own web

This myth is true at a very few situation but very often it is believed that spiders often get stuck in their own web which results in their death in their own web. Thus many spiders move safely and carefully towards and away from their web by keeping in mind as to not get stuck in the web.


7. Spiders in the Hair

Spiders in the hair

Another myth arrives when it comes to know that there are a huge number of spiders in your hair and you can find them at any instant. It is also said that spiders makes their nest in the hair of woman. But actually this is a myth and spiders never like to live in the people hairs, rather they are found mainly in the corners of the wall and if the spiders are large then they would be find roaming nearby on the surface and not in the hair. Also the hair usable ingredients and cosmetics don’t allow them to enter a person’s hair and this fact is a total myth fact.


8. Don’t kill it, Put it outside

Don’t kill it, Put it outside

This fact is one of the interesting myths that you must be kind to the spiders that if you find them moving on your body or on the walls you behave softly and you should never kill them, rather put them outside. Now this is seriously a matter of laugh because no one will be ever kind to someone who tries to hurt him and tries to spoil the nearby environment. Though there are some spiders which are found in Europe which can’t sustain outside and are only habitual to indoor life.


9. Surrounded by spider at every 3 feet

Surrounded by spider at every 3 feet

This is a ridiculous fact that our life journey starts with a spider and ends with a spider which means that you are all around surrounded by spiders at every 3 feet and colliding with them at every instant. Is it really? The answer is no. Though if the distance between a person and a spider is increased by 50 ft. then it can be a fact or a matter to be focused upon but 3 ft. is damn a false shit. Spiders at every 3 ft. are a complete myth.


10. Carolina writing spider

Carolina writing spider

Now this is a ridiculous myth that Carolina spider knows that when your life will be ended and it will write your name in the web. What a myth, that a spider can write even and that also your name along with depicting your death. Such stories never exist in real life and are just come up by Golden Orb Weaver Spider which does have some attractive and impressive web but the fact mentioned in the heading is totally a myth.

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