Top 10 Ridiculous Myths about China

China is the most heavily packed country around the world. It is best known for its beautiful mysterious land hidden behind variety of resources, minerals, plants and animals along with this it is the land of countless generations of Chinese people. Apart from this, the leaders of China are best acknowledged for censorship they provide in media. For this very reason, the people around the world have a sort of crazy ideas about the Chinese and their ways. Some of facts that people believe upon have developed a derogatory things about Chinese which is actually not true in most cases. So here we have explore some of the weird things about the people of China and the actual truth hidden behind those rumors.


1. China is ready for the war against USA

China is ready for the war against USA

The most dangerous misconception of all the China is getting prepared for war against the world’s powerful country USA. But that is actually so untrue, in fact right now all the matters for the Chinese leaders the growth and development for China. The war would be its last interest against anyone whether it’s USA or any other country. But that is also true if it would be required for they are wholly prepared with their armed forces.


2. China is country of terrifying communism

China is country of terrifying communism

People have this false impression about China that it is on the verge of collapse because of its policies for communism; it is actually thought that communism has a monopoly on China. But this fact is not completely true and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. As being influenced from other countries the Capitalism is overpowering recently due to which despite being a communist country it is doing well when the whole global economy was affected badly.


3. Babies are killed under the policy of one child

Babies are killed under the policy of one child

Many people have this false impression about China that Chinese people kill the babies that abide the policy of one child. But it’s not true; the actual truth behind this myth is that people in China have given up their babies for not having gender they wanted. In fact gender discriminatory abortions are totally prohibited in China. So when they did not get the gender they wanted, they sell babies to traffickers but people of China do not approve of killing babies under the act of one baby though they are strictly trying policies to control population.


4. Women considered as secondary citizens

Women considered as secondary citizens

Though it’s true that the women in China are given less importance but it’s completely untrue that women are considered lower than dirt there. Nowadays the women of China are on the path of progression as the government of China is completely supporting women development and are trying to make such policies that give Chinese women opportunities to study and grow on their own terms.


5. 100% Censored Internet

100 Censored Internet

People have this false impression about China the Internet usage there is purely censored which is not so true. It is actually censored to some extent only so that may put a check on people and prevent them from criticizing the people’s Party to a large extent which helps the Chinese leaders to control the unwanted situations of protest and disturbances among the people. In fact even if Chinese leaders wanted to put 100% censorship over the net they won’t be able to because every time people there come out with new coded language which puts them ahead of censors. But still China will definitely knack down those who will try to create disturbances using Internet.


6. Eating Chinese food helps you stay slim

Eating Chinese food helps you stay slim

People have this ridicule belief that intake of more Chinese food helps them to stay fit as they think that its less oily as compared to other stuff which actually helps them to loosen out their weights. But all Chinese food lovers here are this picture for you.

Actually Chinese food is a lot much greasier as compared to other food stuff. All the Chinese food in fact contains a lot of unadulterated fat meat and all the veggies and every other ingredient are deeply fried before they steam them. Which makes Chinese food consists of lot fats.


7. Chinese are skinny People

Chinese are skinny People

That is other funniest folklore about Chinese people that all Chinese are skinny. But hey, wait stop this very untrue about them. If you just walk down once on the streets of China you will definitely overcome this myth as you will easily observe that they are pretty fat people, especially Chinese men. As the people of China believe that more the fattier a man is wealthier he is. But when it comes to Chinese women they are totally different they believe more the slimmer you are more beautiful she is.


8. Chinese eats cats, dogs or babies in dinner

Chinese eats cats, dogs or babies in dinner

It is true that people of China are very fond of eating meat and they eat anything that moves as for them all that matters that meat is meat. They rarely differentiate between a pig meat and dog meat. But there’s big misconception that Chinese have cats, dogs and babies in their dinner. They might have tried once or twice but they do not eat it on regular basis like they eat other meat. And with babies eating misconception it was later revealed that the pictures that created this rumor was actually a duck cadaver attached with head of a doll.


9. We can see the Great Wall of China from Space

We can see the Great Wall of China from Space

This is the another ridiculous myth in people around the world about the Great wall of China that it’s the only man-made structure that can be seen from space. For all those who still believe in this folklore can look at this picture.

Actually, it has not been visible ever from space. In fact the China’s own astronaut has discovered truth behind this myth. The people around the world thought the china will create something fake to save their reputation but the China reacted other way round and took a decision to change the textbooks in the schools that are still repeatedly printing this myth.


10. Poor, Backward and Dirty China

Poor, Backward and Dirty China

That is the silliest myth anyone have ever heard about China. Yes, those who have not been ever to China still have this belief that China is poor and backward country. But it’s so not true. Actually you will find more rich people in China as compared to European countries and in fact the people in China are getting rich at very young age. And at this instant the economy of China and urbanization is growing with the rocket speed as with more than half population of China is living in the cities. The government of China is also paying much attention to environment to make city look beautiful and clean by building many new modern buildings, classy hotels and restaurants, roads.

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