Top 10 Ridiculous Food Challenges You Should Never Try

Today, most of the people are surrounded by task and challenges. These challenges can be related to international level or national level, sometimes state level and sometimes at even small level. Challenges can be any whether it is a cricket challenge or an education competition. What if it is a dumb food challenge resulting into wastage of food. Though food is that essential part of our life and should not be wasted. But many people waste them by doing some senseless and dangerous challenges. Some of the ridiculous food challenges that you should never try are:


1. Banana and Sprite Challenge

Banana and Sprite Challenge

Banana + Sprite challenge is one of the dumbest challenges ever found. In this challenge you have to eat two bananas and continue this task with drinking a complete sprite bottle as fast as possible. The outcome of such tasks results into instant vomiting. This task is sometimes treated in reverse direction as to who can speedily vomits out all the bananas from the mouth.


2. Jell- O Challenge

Jell- O Challenge

Jell O Challenge generally involves a cup of Jell – O and you have to down it i.e. swallow the entire cup in less than the given time period. This task is sometimes treated as a cinnamon challenge and you have to complete this task by engulfing the entire cup in one move without chewing. This is seriously ridiculous and special care must be taken while completing this task because of the swallowing problem and also the taste is not good.


3. Cinnamon Challenge

Cinnamon Challenge

Cinnamon challenge consist of task involving eating an entire spoon of cinnamon in a minute or as per the time period given. Cinnamon is so much dry powder which is difficult to swallow because it removes the taste and saliva from the contestant mouth and is difficult to engulf. Cinnamon coats our mouth and thus swallowing it is not easy. This challenge generally results into serious problem like lung damage, Dragon’s breath and many other serious causes and infections.


4. Garlic Challenge

Garlic Challenge

People now days in their daily life treat garlic as a powerful and tasty ingredient to be mixed in the cooked vegetable but few of the persons don’t know that eating garlic is a sports challenge. Many people avoid this challenge because of the worst smell of garlic which stops other people approaching that person who tried this challenge by eating the garlic. In this challenge you have to eat a clove of garlic but that is not so easy because when it comes between your teeth, it seems that being in hell would be better than this.


5. Oreo Challenge

Oreo Challenge

Oreo challenge includes the task of a simple looking task which it is not. The challenger has to take an Oreo biscuit and twist it and then lick the inner white cream part. It is not yet over. Now the main part arises, he has to again combine the two parts and place this part on the forehead or on your eyes and now you have to eat it without involvement of hands. Most of the times this cookie slides down from your forehead to the ground directly and you lose the task. This task looks simple but is not because proper concentration and timing is required to help the cookie to move from the forehead to your mouth and prevent it from falling to the ground.


6. Milk Challenge

Milk Challenge

The milk challenge seems to be interesting in which you just have to drink the entire gallon of dairy milk products all in one move. Most people whether milk lover or not thinks that it would be an easy task as it involves only drinking of milk but our body does not thinks the same. There are some limitations of our body so we have to take care of those limitations. A human body became uncomfortable with too many dairy products and should be avoided.


7. Saltine Challenge

Saltine Challenge

Saltine challenge is one of the safest challenges but most of the time is considered as an impossible challenge. This challenge seems to be simple as the activities involved in this task is that you have to eat six tiny saltines in one minute i.e. ten second per saltine cracker. Though engulfing each cracker is not difficult but completing the task within a minute is difficult and most of the times impossible because engulfing one crackle per ten second are quite impossible due to the dryness of the crackers. One or two crackers still get left in this one minute task.


8. Hamburger Challenge

Hamburger Challenge

Normal burger related activities and tasks are simple enough to complete but what if a giant burger with two onions, two tomatoes is included in a huge and giant burger making it to weigh around 6 pounds is a sign of worry. Hamburger challenge involves eating that burger in two long hours which most people are not able to eat. In hamburger, a beef is inserted between the two portions of bread bun. Hamburger challenge is most common in restaurants and the restaurants also give some small and big prizes after completing the tasks.


9. Pickle Challenge

Pickle Challenge

Even if you are a pickle lover, most of you cannot complete this pickle challenge. This challenge involves simple and common activities which even most of the people fails to complete. It involves eating the entire pickle within a given time period. Since most pickles are made with addition of oils, this oil result into lower down your throat and thus it becomes difficult to eat any more pickles. Some people take this challenge with different rules that one has to drink the Pickle jar in one minute or in the given time.


10. Habanero Challenge

Habanero Challenge

Pepper is one of the most important ingredients used in food. In addition to this, pepper is also used as many challenges and tasks which involves eating of peppers in a given time period. But the dumbest task is having the worst pepper i.e. the Habanero pepper and the ghost pepper. Pepper lovers can easily complete this Habanero challenge but what for the non-pepper lovers. Non-pepper lovers after being involved in this task never ever takes any pepper challenge. The ghost challenge is sometimes dangerous enough than Habanero challenge.

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