It is crazy maybe, but people do like to explore what resides in the forests. If you are one of those adventurous people who are looking forward to sometime in the wilderness, and you want some information about living there, please make a note of the things mentioned below. Nobody will tell you these and these are very important for you to know.


1. The Experience

The Experience

The experience of the wilderness is something that no one can tell you and you cannot explain to anyone. It will be with for lifetime and is unforgettable. You remember each and every detail of the things you did there, of the walks you had, of the things you ate, of the sights, of the scenery, of the animals, of the sounds, etc. Everything will be so strong like it happened yesterday. The trip will leave a forceful impact on you. The impression it has on your mind will reflect in your life.


2. Moving to the city

Moving to the city

Going in the wilderness is a very different experience entirely. And coming back from the woods and live in the city again is exactly the same feeling. When you decide to go and live in the wild environment, people think you are insane. But you become more insane when you come back from there. It is like the feeling a person has when they are allowed to go out of the prison. You have nightmares about the animals and troubles you had in there. It may take you a month or more to get back to normal.


3. Illness


In the forest, you will have no hospital, no doctors and no nurses to take care of your illness. There would be nobody to help you in emergencies. And don’t ignore the possibility of getting sick and ill while you are in wilderness. As a matter of fact, you will fall ill because of the adverse climate and so many rats and spiders around. You will also experience pain while travelling from places to places and running between trees.


4. Homeless People

Homeless People

Wild in wilderness, you will come across many homeless people. You may meet them and they would want to talk to you. But remember that these are homeless and they do not care a bit about you. They will hit you and steal your things. Your camp may also be robbed by one of these people. Sometimes it is just kids and teens that will harm your camp while you are away from it. So do not think to hang around with them and beware of being their victim.


5. Do not go crazy

Do not go crazy

There is a possibility of you to go crazy. This is the effect of the lack of things and resources in such places. There is not enough food and water. Plus, it is the wild area; which means that you will find dangerous animals and may be get attacked. This gives you hallucinations about things. Especially in the dark, you hallucinate about an animal coming to attack you and even a leaf of a tree feels like a snake.


6. Spiders:


During the day, you will be irritated by the spiders all around you. You would have never seen these many spiders in your life, ever. If you shake your bag, you will find spiders falling off it. Spiders even clung to the shoe, jacket, pants, and shirt. Shake them also to be sure. Check the sleeping blanket before you sleep. But the advantage if spiders eat the bugs that come around you. So you will never complain about a bug bite if you don’t kill all the spiders around you.


7. Fire:


Making a fire in the forest is the thing that you need to learn. You just cannot go without it. Its dark, there are rats and that’s when you need fire. But to maintain a fire is incredibly tough and dangerous. The fire you make will not last long enough to spend the whole night. It will need a lot of resources to fuel it and keep going. So collect all the resources in the daylight itself. If you start running for more wood or piles, you will return breaking yourself and hurting yourself in the dark. And you cannot sleep near fire, remember this. That is very risky.


8. Rats


Rats can see in everything in the dark. And this is the reason you will find rats all around you, not just during the day but also at night. Rats look for a warm spot which is you in the whole cold, damp places and will be attracted to the place you are siting because of the warmth. As soon as the rats find you, they will look for your food. Anything that you have with you, including the trash, will be their target. And they will jump on your bag; get inside your bag sometimes.


9. Darkness


It is not just dark, but it is impossibly dark. The trees will cover you from all the sides. You would not be able to see your hand in front of your face in the darkness of the forest. And if you want to get up and use bathroom without using any torch, you are possibly going to fall on the very first step. So just lie down and keep wondering when the sun will rise. Do not travel in darkness as there are chances that you could face some wild lions or other animals.


10. Wet Land:

Wet Land

No one will tell you because it is a fact. Everything will be wet and cold. It does not matter how hot is the weather or how dry is the air. Even if it is hot, dry summers when you are out in wilderness, there will be wetness all around you. The ground is always damp and every step must be carefully taken. And all the stuff that you carry with you will become damp at the end of the day, even the blankets you carry to sleep will be damp. This can be very uncomfortable.

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