Top 10 Busiest Cities in the World

Population size, finance, transport system, infrastructure are the primary factors which contribute in the determination of busiest cities. These cities are the human future of the planet. They are man’s most dangerous social experiment yet. Also unprecedented problems of crimes and social control are the foremost problems faced by those cities. Streets bustling with noise, heavy traffic, many people rushing in many directions, lots of people everywhere trying to some thing or the other, crowded night markets are all the features of busy cities.

Office workers commuting to and from their destinations, school children going to school and back to home, teenagers partying, tourists visiting are all the busy people generally. Moreover, people living in Asian cities with a 6 day week work lead a very hectic life. Business magnets, software professionals, sales people and other workaholics miss out on life’s tiny happiness which makes life meaningful. The list of top 10 busiest cities goes this way:


1. Tokyo


Tokyo is a conformist nation. It has a High density population of 35 million people. It is the City of lights. Looks like these people are the busiest. Don’t have time at all. It feels like telling them to take a break, look at the beauty of life. But FYI Tokyo never sleeps. Housing – so many small apartments with a bed which can be rotated to set a dining room. Because, basically the Tokyo population is teenagers living a financially independent life controlling their economy. Signifies that they are very intolerant people. Tiny capsule style rooms so closely packed , something like a 10 x5 feet box , for businessmen with a rent of only 40 $ a night. A hotel would cost 10 times of that. Transport from work, schools is coordinated by order and technology with the incredible Tokyo subway system. It gives a late note which can be shown by employees to their bosses, if ever the train is late. Otherwise the bosses won’t believe. Cellphones are a plenty and a must. Else just meeting a friend would also be a considerable challenge. Fish and sushi rolls are the most eaten food. There are more than 25 convenient stores per square mile – it’s a wending machine which gives you drinks, chips, chocolates, cigarettes, coffee grabs, and medicine – whatever you want. All you have to do is put some coins into it. Ultra hygienic, leading technology, sumo schools, patchiko (kind of gambling), compact cars are very common in Tokyo. So, definitely Tokyo is a Science fiction comes true!


2. New York

New York

New York is a noisy, bustling, turbulent, busy city with a population of 19 million people. It has around 50 million visitors every year. This city is a wonder to every stranger. It has the New York Stock exchange (NYSE). On the island of Manhattan we have the New York City. It is also called the Orange city/The Big Apple. No city in the world has seen so many people of different cultures brought to it. Statue of liberty, Times Square, Empire state building, UN headquarters, Broadway are a delight to the eye. Culture, economy and industrialization are the building blocks of New York. Work culture and hustle–bustle life have caused increasing tensions. The energy of the metropolis broke as a thunder. NY is known for its tall buildings and museums – American Museum, and also its tolerant people.


3. London


With 13 million people living in London, it is vulnerable to terrorist attack. Built on the river Thames, it is the most vigilant city. There are security cameras almost everywhere. With just a single airport, 1400 flights fly in and out every day. 63 million passengers a year. It is a great exploding metropolis. It has the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Metro rails, buses, secret underground tunnels are the mode of transport as 25 million people commute across the streets every day for their work. This constitutes a grand traffic.


4. Shanghai


Shanghai is a Chinese city. It is the most beautiful city in the world. The total population is about 19 million. It is in the Yangtze River delta. Shanghai is a global shipping center and the World’s largest container port. It boosts of best educational system. Sky scrapers are a common. Any visitor coming to Shanghai must have a trip in the 647-meter Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. Shanghai is a city of entrepreneurs. Whether selling new technologies or old crafts, there’s always a will and a way. Small shops often specialize in selling one fruit, implements for one trade or tools for one craft. Treasures can be found anywhere, not just in malls and major shopping streets, from the man who makes rocking horses — and only rocking horses — by Suzhou Creek to the guy who sharpens knives outside your neighborhood food market.


5. Mexico


More than 20 million people live in Mexico. Its population density is greater than New York, Tokyo and London. Every year 18 million tourists come here. It is most earthquake prone on the western side. It is one of the hot spots buzzing with the energy of millions of people. Noisy, crammed, polluted this city is a complicated, fragile place. Kidnapping, drugs, trafficking, prostitution are so common. It has been continuously under tidal wave of crime since ancient times.


6. Mumbai


Everyone who has seen the Mumbai trains loaded with people going to their offices early in the morning or coming back home in the evening, would definitely know how busy Mumbai is (wink). It is an Indian city with a Population of 20.5 million. Industries are very good because of good supply of electricity and water. Cost of living is high. Mumbai’s business opportunities and high standard of living attract people from all over the country. That’s why it is overcrowded with people. It is also very handy for trade. It has the Bombay stock Exchange (BSE) in the Dalal Street. Also 70% of the maritime trade and most of air travel to foreign countries takes place through this city in India.


7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Yes, this is Jackie Chan’s home town, Hong Kong. It has a population of around 4.29 billion. Located on the south coast of China, this Chinese city is full of real estate giants, who build wherever possible. Money making is the only agenda of people living in Hong Kong. It is both capitalist and communist country.  People in Hong Kong are leading fast track lives. They believe time is money. Sophisticated currency notes are printed to maintain security. It has the Hong Kong stock exchange.


8. Singapore


With a population of 5.4 million Singapore is on number 8.  Also 15 million tourists come to visit Singapore every year. It has the world’s highest percentage of millionaires. Manufacturing index of industrial production is 6.2%. It poses no restrictions on the minimum wage level, to encourage competition; hence Labor Employment is 3.84 million in Singapore. Once again making it the busiest cities. It lies in the southern tip of Malay Peninsula. Here taxis are the most popular mode of transportation.


9. Frankfurt


It is a German city with a population density of 5.3 million per 284 sq km area .Being the largest financial center in Europe, this alpha world city is home to European central bank. It also sports of the world’s largest stock exchange – Frankfurt stock exchange. So, there is a lot of business going on in Frankfurt. It is also a center for world’s largest internet exchange point DE – CIX. So, Frankfurt is a busy city on number 9.


10. Dubai


With a population of 2.16 million, this Arab emirate comes under the UAE federation. Ever seen people filling up the lines to go to Dubai, in the airports. Yes! Every year many people go to this city in search of livelihoods. One of the top nations ensuring and respecting human rights. You can’t go without mentioning its oil and natural gas industry. It produces 50000 to 70000 barrels of oil every day. Imagine the level of human work going on there while extracting, processing and exporting it to almost every country. It has the NASDAQ Dubai stock exchange. 7.5 million tourists visit Dubai every year. So, definitely Dubai is a busy city.

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