Top 10 Simple Tips for Glowing and Healthy Skin

Don’t judge the book by its cover, but an attractive cover doesn’t harm anyone right! That might be a bad comparison but the fact remains that a healthy and happy face won’t hurt you but will help you. We all associate happiness with sunshine, freshness etc. Then why shouldn’t we try to imbibe this freshness and brightness in ourselves. In an interview or a ceremony or for just an ordinary day, go out glowing. This will boost your confidence and spread the contagious disease called happiness all over the place. Who wouldn’t like the company of a glowing person? So now that we have a consonance in the matter about why, let’s move to how. How do we get that near perfect translucent skin which will be just short of reflecting sunlight? The beauty parlor and spas play havoc on you savings once a month, making it bi-weekly will put you in lots of trouble. So we move to simpler options which are easier on the pockets as well.


1. Protect your mind

Protect your mind

Acne, pimples, wrinkles are all secondary problems, the major deal is anger, frustration, sadness, unhappiness etc. when the mind is at unease, how can the face show happiness? The internal system of human body needs to be healthy and perfectly functioning. One can’t hoodwink the face to look happy. So if you want to glow, then figure out Whats bothering you, untangle your worries and then let the face show your happiness.


2. Habits


Now this may fall in same old sermon section, but the fact remains that this are most important tips to get to the clean skin. Drink up 6-8 glasses of water, keep a healthy diet (this is important) eat lots of fruits and avoid oily food. Workout, go for walks take complete advantage of nature. Expose your skin to morning sunshine. All the points in the list will not work in a single day; they need to be converted into a habit. The exercise and protection and routine. They all need to be tied together in a habit.


3. Routine


The whole things boil down to this. Develop a routine. No job is done in a day and thus for a super glowing skin keep a wonderful and mean routine. Wonderful for it has to compliment your skin and mean for if you ditch it, result will be disastrous. So decide what routine fits you, add the regular one of cleansing the face thoroughly. If toning and scrubbing fits you, go for it. Before you sleep, follow the cleansing routine. Keep a sleeping habit, sleep on time and find your biological clock. Work accordingly. In the fast paced life, these tiny details may give you a slip, but control them and you can control the way your skin looks.  Have a glass of water as soon as you get up. Moisturizing, sunscreen etc. are important for your skin’s health. Make sure you use it perfectly.


4. Sunscreen and other protection

Sunscreen and other protection

The human skin is sensitive to say the least. Sun and dust are omnipresent and being sheltered 24*7 is next to impossible. So what do we do? Well we suit up! Give your skin the best possible protection with the apt sunscreen. Be ready to face the enemies, not by hiding but meeting it head-on. Put on your shades, a scarf never hurts. While driving, keep in mind that sunlight is on attack mode combined with pollution from throes of vehicles around you. Take proper precautions for with skin, prevention is definitely better than cure.


5. Meditate


Those who meditate are most commonly portrayed as having an aura around them, a bright light. Their face is serene and seems to glow. This is not a co-incidence. The act of breathing right, of cleansing from inside is what will help you appear clean. You breathe in fresh air and expel the toxins from your system this entire combine together to give you internal health. The inside is healthy and that shows on the outside. This is a method of beating stress so it is the mother lode. With meditation you beat stress which beats acne! Tada, you have better skin now.


6. Control stress

Control stress

Blaming acne is not right when the real culprit is someone else entirely. Same goes for smoking, partly. Well the point is stress is the monster which triggers acne, which compels people to smoke. Thus keeping that stress in a right level will help you attain that healthy happy glowing skin. When the body is not tensed it shows on the face. Give yourself a breather; it will help your skin breath.


7. Acne


The bane of teen’s life and a bonus problem for the adults. The blips and pops that pop on your face are going to spoil seemingly endless days of teens. So they are probably the biggest enemies of a bright and beautiful face. With millions of options coming to clear your face from the endless creams to face packs, the promises are always sky high. There are many of beat options like rubbing dissolved aspirins on face to get rid of the blemish. Stop popping them for starters. Find your option and get rid of acne.


8. Do not Smoke

Do not Smoke

Though they may be a necessity for your kicks, they sure as hell kick your chance for having a glowing and healthy skin. If you are on the mission of attaining that glowing skin, then unfortunately you need to kick the butt. One may ask, Whats the harm in smoking, eh harm skin wise? Well smoking makes skin look older, it creates wrinkles, narrows the blood vessels in the top layer of skin, reduce the overall blood flow. Collagen and elastin are required to give your skin the strength, when you smoke you harm them. When the foundation is shaky, it spells trouble.


9. Sweat it out

Sweat it out

Running, jogging, yoga all helps in contributing to keeping a healthy skin. How? Well, they pump up the blood supply to the body. This leads to a better circulation. The body sweats out opening pores. Thus the skin gets to breath, literally. Proper exercise will ensure proper digesting leading to a better internal system. Thus you purify yourself, and your skin brags it out to the world.


10. Old tricks will do the trick

Old tricks will do the trick

Sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, rosewater etc. are among the old and most usually suggested method to keep a healthy skin. Chickpea flour, milk all are a part of this deal. They are natural way to maintain beautiful and healthy skin. Tomato and lime juice drops combine to form powerful pack for your face. The permutations and combinations are immense. For the skin to glow, they need extra nutrients than what they currently receive. And these old tricks will surely help you getting there. Just take few moments to chat with your mom or Granny; they will open the treasure troves for you.

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