Top 10 Dangers of Being Alone

A dictum says- one must be social lest he will be left behind in a way or other. The true false question put to this dictum would surely be coming with flying positive colors. Solitude might be the best friend for many of you around here but I assure that it can never be the soul-mate for any of us. The emotion of loneliness depicts the sole desire of any personnel to forget what is going through in a way but the opposite do happens all the time.


1. Psychological and health disorders

Psychological and health disorders 

Solitude sucks the immunity out of one’s body and effects the heart. Psychologically the individual turns abnormal. The sleep becomes less efficient and the brain stops receiving lesser amount of necessary energy or blood to function.  The adverse effects include lessening of energy to carry out any physical work, non-responsive behavior and many more.


2. Alcoholic and drug abuse

Alcoholic and drug abuse

This can be the most certain outcome of solitude.  The easiest way out but not the right one for sure. Most of the people choose this direction as they find it right to curb the solitude and frustration they possess. But one should remember that the easiest and fastest way is not always the right way. The lack of quality relationships creates an infallible void in the lives of people and they opt for alcohols to forget the negative thoughts coming then and in the virtue of it they don’t  even bother to think the harmful consequences. Drug abuse might be a life ling mistake one should not like to carry with and so it is really important to be involved in some relationships to keep oneself busy with beguiling and encouraging thoughts to cushion the odds.


3. Increased stress levels

Increased stress levels

One needs to rethink about the effects that loneliness causes both physical and mental retardation. It can provoke an individual to stress himself at an extent that may be incurable. The stress caused by the loneliness is the worst part which takes you out of your senses. Increased stress levels can cause mental disorders whose adverse effects are irksome to handle.


4. Single and sedentary living

Single and sedentary living

Loneliness is actually not about being alone but about the perception of it. The stereotype that makes one lead a single life makes the person sedentary unaware of his wits.  When you aren’t happy inside then it points to the atmosphere around you turning the same to you.  At a point  you presume that you are meant to be alone while the reality is not quite so. And the whole day passes by analyzing the strange change of atmosphere making you dumbstruck and altering your lifestyle sedentary and boring.


5. Loosing of trust

Loosing of trust

Bonds are gone and so the trust. You don’t hold talks so often with any of your mates and this communication gap diminishes the bind of trust. You suddenly out of nowhere start to analyze that there is no human left in this world whom you can trust. The loneliness makes you numb and thus the power to decide whom to trust withers away.


6. Everyone seems wrong

Everyone seems wrong

The worst effect is here. With always you and only you everyone else seems wrong and doing wrong with you. Now you don’t feel positive for anybody around you, it resurrects your sorrows and you suddenly forget what is about celebrating life with pomp and splendor. Each individual that crosses you gives you a feeling of unhappiness and out of the box you embark to hate everybody for doing illegitimate with you.


7. Depression


when you are alone and fighting with time , you start to desolate and in search of a bliss , which is nowhere to be found  , here comes the faith diary writing lines of depression and downfall. Well, it quite often to fall prey to such emotions when you have solitude and not any individual in person to grab a chat with. You must share things to cease the clutches of emotions that reprimand your deeds because talking lessons the load of sorrow making you weight more than you are.


8. Capacity to think is destroyed

Capacity to think is destroyed

Now when you think too much since you are alone and thus too much of something is harmful, so here comes the frippery show time making your thoughts achy. You lose the control and blow the clarion of depression. In your mind you are the only honcho for you whereas one always needs a guidance.


9. Paucity to take decisions

Paucity to take decisions 

At every juncture one needs to and has to make decisions, no matter what the situation portrays. When you are so into yourself then no decision can go right as you will always walk the direction that fulfills the dream you have thought of not the one which is actually to be done. Your heart yowls for it and the wrong has been done already.


10. One loses oneself

One loses oneself 

It is not always about introspecting yourself since it may take to you to the depths you haven’t thought of or even your heart will never wish to confront those. Surely one must gather moments for oneself but too much of something is dangerous and makes our life a hell lot of tedium. When one start dwelling into the unfolded part, as human nature suggests, it brings about the scariest nightmares to our eyes.

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