Top 10 Most Luxurious Trains in the World

Luxury trains are the best way if anyone wants to travel the world’s most beautiful places. They promise to deliver the most exciting, unforgettable journey across the world’s most famous tourist places. Anyone willing to spend some good amount of money to experience the elegance of Kings and Queens, luxury trains are truly the best way to do it. Almost all the luxury trains are equipped with world class facilities and service like on board restaurants, bars, observation cars comfortable sleeping area, and even personnel washrooms.

There are many luxury trains in operation around the world, and to choose the ten most luxurious trains was a difficult task.


1. Venice Simplon Orient Express

Venice Simplon Orient Express

Venice Simplon Orient Express famous as the most authentic trains around the world features 1920s vintage cars. The train runs from Paris to Istanbul on a six day long journey including stops at Budapest and Bucharest. The décor, amenities and generosity of the train would make you experience the time of 1920s. The quality of food and service makes it even more popular. The restaurant car serves a French Cuisine featuring a pianist for the enjoyment of the travellers. There is a small shop on-board, where the guest could buy souvenirs. The train became famous from the Agatha Christie Novel, and the train also serves as the benchmark for other luxurious trains around the world.


2. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express is a luxury train of Russia synonymous with the greatest Rail Journeys of the world. It offers the best way to witness the beauty of Siberia. The train was launched in 2007 and has been a big attraction for tourists. It also offers the guests, the view of the largest fresh water lake of the world, along the shores. The train has two restaurants, ‘The Gold Restaurant Car’ and ‘The White Restaurant Car’ which are beautifully decorated. It also has a Bar Car, and for the entertainment of the passengers, there is a piano and a pianist in the bar.


3. Maharaja Express

Maharaja Express

Maharaja Express has been awarded as The World’s Leading Luxury Trains at the World Travel Awards, 2012. It the most luxurious train to explore India and its culture. The train can accommodate a total of 88 members only, and is famous for its dining facilities and off-train excursion program. The train features two restaurants that leave the guests spellbound by its hand painted fresco ceiling. It has two bars namely ‘The Rajah Club’ and ‘Safari Bar’ which provide guests to enjoy drinking with relaxed and comfortable sitting complementing the good range of spirits and wines. The train takes its passengers to famous tourist places of North India including Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaipur, Varanasi and Agra.


4. Royal Scotsman

Royal Scotsman

Royal Scotsman has a capacity to accommodate only 36 passengers, and is a great experience for those who wish the most luxurious environment with five star service and superior service. The train takes its guests to the heart of the highlands in Scotland, serving them a breath-taking view of the mountains. There is an observation car to provide a better scenic view while the train passes through the castles, glens and villages. A veranda is also available for the guests who like to enjoy open air on-board. The cabins of the train are equipped with amenities like private bathroom with constant hot water and personal library.


5. Eastern & Oriental Express

Eastern & Oriental Express

The Eastern & Oriental Express offers an awe-inspiring landscape of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The train offers its passengers to explore through fascinating towns, forests, mountains and golden temples. It has six different journeys including a special journey during New Year Celebration. The compartment s are equipped with world class facilities and services to meet the specific requirements of the guests. There are two restaurants on-board train and the appointed chefs are praised for their skills. The train also accommodates a Observation car, where the passengers could enjoy beautiful scenery.


6. Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer

If you want to explore the Canadian Culture and beauty, this luxury train tour is the best way to do it. It offers a twelve day adventure across the Rocky Mountains, with perfect natural sightseeing. The train has also been awarded for the seventh time as World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train by World Travel Awards. It has four types of service such as Gold Leaf Service, Silver Leaf Service, Red Leaf Service and whistler. The Gold leaf service is the most luxurious featuring deluxe accommodation, dining room, complimentary beverages and snacks. The Silver Leaf Service provides guests with their lunch on their seats while enjoying scenic beauty through full length glass dome coach. The guests of the Red leaf Service and Whistler Service enjoy the service with the commentary by a host.


7. Pride of Africa

Pride of Africa

The Pride of Africa offers a memorable journey for those in search of wilderness. The journey on the train has always proved to be perfect for photographers and artists. The train runs only from late April to early May, covering a 2000 mile journey in nine days, through the deserts and savannahs in South Africa. The train is limited to only 72 members, giving an opportunity to passengers to capture images of the unique sights of the vast open land. The train offers passengers to explore famous, diamond mines, cosmopolitan city of Namibia, a National park giving sights of many wild animals, Kalhari desert etc.


8. Blue Train

Blue Train

The Blue Train of South Africa has been awarded two times as the winner of Africa’s leading luxury train. It travels from Pretoria to Cape Town, covering a total of 1600kms in 27 hours.  The train features butler service, two lounge cars, and an observation car which are fully sound proofed. The train has been operating since 1946 and in 1997 the train was refurbished and launched again. There are two sets of train that operate with the name ‘Blue Train’, one of which can accommodate 52 guests while the other one can accommodate up to 80 guests.


9.  Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels

Palace on wheels is the first train of India to provide hotel service. Since 1982, the train is constantly gaining popularity in the world. A week long journey on train offers the passengers to explore the best sites of Rajasthan including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Chitaurgarh, Jaisalmer, Udaipur and Agra. The train offers world class amenities like first class rooms, a luxurious bar, spa saloon and two restaurants named as Maharaja and Maharani. The journey on the train ends with a night spending in Agra, where the passengers get to explore Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The train offers one of the best journeys to explore the taste of Incredible India.


10. Indian Pacific

Indian Pacific

The two mighty oceans, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean give the train its name as the train is running between the two since 1970. The train traverses between Sydney and Perth covering 4,352km. Being one the most luxurious trains in the world, it is also known for one of the longest train journeys in the world. The journey of the train is four days and three nights long taking you through the most impressive parts of Australia. There are sufficient stops in the tour, to explore and enjoy the culture of the continent including Broken Hill, Adelaide, Cook and Kalgoorlie. The train runs in either way and currently offers four classes.

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