Top 10 Dumbest Sports Injuries

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6. Charles Barkley got body lotion into his eyes

Charles Barkley

The Phoenix Suns’ opener rubbed body lotion in his eyes during at an Eric Clapton concert. He got his corneas burnt and was advised by an ophthalmologist to wear eye patches for the following 12 hours. It was inadvertently all because he had all of his concentration towards the ongoing concert.


7. Richie Sexson got his neck strained

Richie Sexson

In an unsuccessful and not so wise attempt to slug into a hat not fit for his size, Richie got his neck sprained. Apparently, he was trying to put on a 6 5/8 hat, when his actual hat size was 7 5/8. This all was in congruence to his feeling of camaraderie on team photo day in the spring of 2003, that the 6’6″ Mariners slugger tried to squeeze his noggin and thus got his neck hurt.


8. Colin Smart drank aftershave

Colin Smart

Though he did not mean to, Colin got a taste, well  practically, of an aftershave in 1982. When an English rugby teammate tricked him into thinking he drank a bottle of white wine, which apparently was so, he challenged Smart to do the same. He did and collapsed, but was rushed immediately to the hospital in time to have his stomach pumped and was saved thereafter.


9. Brian Griese must be flinched of dogs now

Brian Griese

Griese tripped over his own dog and subsequently, sprained his ankle. This was following the incident whereafter he fell on his teammate Terrell Davis’ driveway and was knocked unconscious in a spill rumored to be due to intake of booze.


10. Zumaya’s liking for Guitar Hero


Caused due to fake guitar playing, Zumaya had developed a pain in his arm. According to him, the pain was inflicted because of throwing but when examined it was found that the damage was more likely of a guitar player than that of a pitcher. This injury costed the Tigers pitcher to miss several games of ALCs and NLCs along with a lot of pain of course.

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