Top 10 Weirdest Fashion Trends from Around the World

It is an individual’s choice to wear anything they like. But wearing anything and doing anything for fashion is not right. People must have a little sense about the things they do to themselves in order to attract attention of the crowd. Here are some of the weirdest trends in fashion from all over the world.


1. Bagel Heads:

Bagel Heads

Japanese are the people known for having the weirdest fashion trends. This time, they have tried to inject saline in their foreheads which makes it bulged. You may try having a piercing at various parts and having a tattoo anywhere, but making a bagel on your head is very abnormal and does not look good. Also, this thing is temporary and eventually, the saline gets absorbed in your forehead.


2. Face Kini

Face Knit

The girls of China found a way to prevent themselves from getting tanned at the beaches. Getting tanned means looking a little brownish due to the sunlight. For this, they started this weird trend of wearing face-kinis at the beaches. Face-kini is a mask kind of thing that people wear during Halloweens. At the east China Sea Coast, you will find many young females wearing these face-kinis in order to protect their skin.


3. Manba:


The weirdest trend is followed by Japanese girls. Manba was originated in Japan as a variation of the Ganguro culture. This culture focuses on heavy make-up on a dark skin. Opposite to that, the classic Japanese girls work on the natural beauty with little makeup. The Manba look starts by coating two layers of white makeup paint around their eyes, later painting their entire face with a deep dark brown shade.


4. Eye Tattoo:

Eye Tattoo

This dangerous and weird fashion trend is followed in US and Canada. This procedure includes tattooing on the sclera, the white area of the eye. People who have scarred eye tissue can have a tattoo on the cornea of their eye and this thing is valid and medically approved. People have been making such tattoos from thousands of years. But now people are doing this around the cornea for fun and fashion and look stylish; but they end up looking weird and insane.


5. Eye Jewelry:

Eye Jewelry

This is terrible to be wearing jewelry in the eyes. Are you not satisfied that you paint around the eyes or you change their color by wearing contacts and pierce around the eye brows? But the Dutch from Netherlands are totally weird for wearing this jewelry inside the eye. People wear studs designed from metals and insert them in the eye. Dutch says that the procedure is harmless to the eyes and is perfectly safe whereas on the other hand, the eye specialists and doctors say otherwise.


6. Meggings:


This is the weird trend followed in all the countries of the world. Female leggings have successfully found a place in every lady’s wardrobe. They have now invented this male version of the leggings. But trust me guys, you need to put on some pants and this meggings is way too weird. If and only if you have a profession that demands you to wear them and you are a professional dancer, should you wear those meggings. This means less than 1% of the entire male population may wear them but rest of you men out there in the world should never put on that.


7. Elf Boots:

Elf Boots

This fashion has the potential to top the list of weird fashions. This trend started in Mexico is about the guys wearing long and pointed shoes and look very silly and weird. The boots with elongated tips have become the fashion trend of Mexico for no good reason. It is wore mostly with the combination of cowboy hats and pants. These boots are mostly worn to grab the attention of beautiful ladies but I think they look insane and crazy with those boots on and no girl will want to look at them one more time.


8. Gothic Lolitas:

Gothic Lolitas

This fashion trend has grown very broadly. Originated from Japan, the fashion is weird but cute and symbolizes the royal Victorian era cloth-line making it look weird but classy at the same time. The Gothic culture is misunderstood by the teens living there and for the young people of Japan; it is just some ‘vampire fashion with additional umbrellas’. Many Japanese teen-ager girls wear these dresses always with an umbrella because according to them, they look silly without one.


9. African Metal- Heads:

African Metal- Heads

This weird fashion trend is originated from Botswana in Africa. People of Africa are so fantasied about the classic old-school metal fashion. They come in leathers and chains and is dominating the other popular fashion trends of Africa. You will find most of the people wearing Botswanian metal-heads and walking down the road of big cities and even small villages. This reflects the love for their metal music and culture of their country. To them, it symbolized strength, power and freedom.


10. Hitler Chic:

Hitler Chic

This weird fashion is followed in Thailand. Hitler was the German leader who invaded Bangkok and thus, Bangkok is experiencing a Hitler Mania. Many t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, etc. were sold having a cartoon of Hitler. Teletubbies and Hitlerized Pandas are the new versions of Hitler cartoons. This fashion trend is started by the young people of Thailand and is growing popular. It seems like this is the new way to show their feelings towards Hitler.

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