Top 10 Most Difficult and Trying Times for the World

There have always been a quest about how it started on earth and also how to conquer it. But the biggest  question is how is life going to end on this planet. There have been many theories and mythologies predicting the end of the world by many renowned astrologers and mathematicians. There have been several times when it was predicted that life was going to end on earth. However, life somehow continued to survive.




This was the year which was believed to be the end of many. A very renowned astrologer predicted the end of life would happen precisely on December 21, 2012. The intensity of the fear of this can be estimated from the movie 2012. But earth survived this time also and the quest as to when life is going to end still continues.


2. Cuban missile crisis

Cuban missile crisis

The United States attempted to overthrow Cuba’s Communist leader, Fidel Castro. Nikita Khrushchev began talks with Fidel Castro shortly afterwards, in an attempt to get him to allow Soviet ICBMs to be placed in Cuba as a deterrent towards the United States. Castro agreed to the plan, and the missiles started getting shipped to Cuba in secret.

The United States figured out what was happening, and decided to block any more shipments from getting into Cuba.The American ships had orders to fire upon any ships trying to get past their blockade, and an American plane was even shot down by a Soviet ship at one point. This action could have resulted in the end of the world.


3. 1989-91


This was a hard time for the soviet union because of the fights caused among themselves. It was thought that the union would not be able to survive and would break into a lot of fragments. Foreseeing this situation president of soviet union Gorbachov signed in a treaty to dismantle all nuclear and conventional ground and cruise missiles with a firing range of between 500-5,000 kilometers. As expected the soviet union completely imploded and a large amount of nuclear weapons and there schematics went missing. This again puts the world in a new danger.


4. 1981


The election of Ronald Reagan as the new president of America worsened the situation after they purposely missed the Olympics in 1980. President Reagan could only muster one way to end the cold war prevailing between U.S. and Soviet, that is to produce and explode even stronger bombs. This idea was absurd, but president Reagan actually convinced the Soviets to in its favor. As the tensions flared the world once again came under the threat of total destruction.


5. 1974


As India had not signed the Limited Test Ban Treaty, therefore it was free from any restrictions. So India detonated a smiling Buddha nuclear device which caused heavy destruction and also proved that it was equally capable of destructing the world as it was of destructing Pakistan. The Americans and the Soviets had also begun using Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle. It was a new type of nuclear warhead, capable of more precise attacks on multiple targets.

So the talks on revised nuclear treaties started which would be more restricted.

6. 1969 & 1972

1969 & 1972

The war between China and France proved that they were as capable of destruction, as were U.S.A and soviet. U.S.A and soviet were done messing around with the treaties. At this point of time people realized the importance of a world peace organization which was the only way in which this world could be saved. So United Nations was formed and every country joined. Every country except India, Pakistan and Israel. The Americans and Soviets agreed to the Salt Agreement, which saw both sides, freezing nuclear arms production, with an option for missiles being made for submarines as long as they destroyed one missile for each new one they made.

7. 1968


Things again started to worsen, this time not because of U.S. and Soviet but because of the strained relations between other countries like India and Pakistan, Isreal and Egypt, America and Vietnam. If this was not all China and France also engaged in a war. This time there was no LIMITED TEST BAN TREATY to stop the war. This further increased the tensions between U.S.A. and soviet as they were not able to put a rest to these fights. This was again a time of doom for the world.

8. 1960-63


As happens with every fight arising due to ego, this fight also ended with a realization that this fight was not doing good to both the side. They soon realized that they were not fighting against each other, but against mother nature. So both the sides decided to end the war and signed THE LIMITED TEST BAN TREATY. It was decided that they were not going to detonate the nuclear missiles unless it was most necessary to prevent the world from harmful radiations.

9. 1953


In 1953, six years after the doomsday clock, the soviet union ignited its first nuclear bomb and then started a terrible arm race. The U.S. and Soviet Union both were exploding bombs as a show of their powers. They were fighting like teenaged kids about who was more powerful. At that time they did not realize that they held the triggers to end life on the whole planet. Thankfully this blood war ended soon.



10. 1945-47


In the 1945, a bomb so powerful as to destroy the whole world was designed by U.S.A. this bomb was named as the atom bomb. The bomb was so destructive that it claimed the life of hundreds and thousand and vanished cities from the map of Japan. The impact of the bomb was not restricted to a day or two, but took lives even after months. That was the time the world realized that the so called “superpowers” had the powers to destroy the whole world. The Doomsday Clock was born in the hopes that the world might realize just how close we were to absolute destruction, and it was set to a terrifying seven minutes to midnight.



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