Top 10 Famous and Deadly Swords

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Sword is basically an edged weapon which is mainly used for cutting and thrusting. When we look back, from ancient civilisations to the present, we find that swords were and still are an important part of any military treasure. It is symbolic of military honour and brings in a sense of being just and generous into the bearer along with the pursuit of honour and virtue. The oldest sword is said to be present in Bronze Age and was made of copper. The soldiers were trained in using the swords tacitly and prepared for combat. Before guns and other powerful artilleries were invented, swords were used for face to face fights. Here is a list of the ten most famous and deadly swords from the early ages till today.


1. Wallace Sword

Wallace Sword

William Wallace, a Scottish knight (1272-1305) was a great warrior who fought for his kingdom against England. He was appointed to fight with the opposition with a group of soldiers who had to fight hand to hand. The prize that these soldiers possessed was the sword. The sword of Wallace is presently put in the National Museum in Sterling, four feet and four inches Scotland. The sword measures four feet and four inches in length and weighs 2.7 kg. The knob of the sword is made up of an iron shaped piece of gilded iron and grip is wrapped with the dark brown leather. There is an obvious alteration in the present day piece of the sword.


2. Tizona


El Cid was born in the Kingdom of Castlile, a successful empire of Iderian Peninsula. He was a successful military leader and diplomat. He became a Spanish hero and was the greatest help to his king.He was a great swordsman. Colado and Tizona are the most famous swords used by him against the Moors. It is presently forged in Coradoba, Spain. Damascus steel is used in the making of the sword. The sword is 103 cm long and weighs 1.1 kg. There is an inscription that dates 1002 and another where a Catholic prayer is inscribed.


3. Seven–Branched Sword

Seven–Branched Sword

South-West Korea in the 4th century is said to have achieved the most. The Baekje Dynasty ruling was ruling it at that time. The Eastern Jin was given a tribute by the king of Baekje , Geunchogo with a seven branched sword, it was to praise him. The blade at the centre of the weapon is 65.5 cm in length with the branches emerging from it, it is made up of iron. It was created just in order to honour and not to be used in battles. There are many inscriptions on the sword. It acts as an important historical relic. It is presently kept in the Isonokami Shrine in Nara Prefecture of Japan and is not put for public display.


4. Curved Saber of San Martin

Curved Saber Of Sant Martin

General José de San Martín of Argentina was one of the most important leaders of South American’s freedom struggle. His sword is highly praised and is kept in remembrance of the great man. It is made up of saber’s curved blade and was seen as a greatest weapon for battles. It has been housed in National Historical Museum in Buenos Aires.


5. Tomoyuki Yamashoita’s Sword

Tomoyuki Yamashoita’s Sword

During World War 2 Tomoyuki Yamashoita, a general from Japanese Imperial Army was a well-known man, nicknamed as ‘The Tiger of Malaya’. He during the military career had a personal sword that was made by a famous sword maker. It is presently put up in West Point Military Mueseum.


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