Top 10 Famous and Deadly Swords

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6. Sword of Mercy

Sword of Mercy

The last of Anglo-Saxon kings from England, Edward the Confessor owned this sword. The sword as is seen has a broken blade .It is used in royal ceremonies since long past. The sword in the past acted as a sign of privilege. The cut of the blade is said to be done by an angel when it was being used for a wrong killing.


7. Zufliqar


Ali, the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad in the Battle of Uhud. The wonderful weapon was gifted to Ali because of his strength and power in battlefield. The sword was an emblem of Islamic faith. It is basically curved blade. There are different images and description of the weapon available. One description says that it consists of two parallel blades that point out its mystical abilities and speediness, while another one shows it to be a traditional-shaped scimitar.


8. Honjo Masamune

Honjo Masamune

Masamune is known to be the greatest metallurgist. His works include the swords known as tachi and dagger as a tant. It is a beautiful weapon of great quality. Honjo Mausamune is a representation of the Shongunate during the Edo period of Japan. Around 1946 the weapon was found to be missing. It is one of the most important historical weapons.


9. Joyeuse


Charlemagne, one of the great invaders of the world and was named as the Emperor Of the Roman World in 800.His personal sword is known as Joyeuse. There are two different pieces, one is found at Weltliche Schatzkammer in Vienna and the other one is kept at Louvre in France. The blade in Louvre is partially built from the man’s original sword. The sword has been depicted in many legends and historical works.,


10. Napoleon’s Sword

Napoleon’s Sword

The most famous Napoleon Bonaparte in 1799 became the leader (military and political) of France and after five years he became the emperor. Napoleon always is said to carry has sword and a pistol in battlefield. His treasure consisted of numerous artilleries. They were made of the best of the materials. In 1978, the sword was declared as a national treasure.

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