Top Ten Healthy Benefits to Regular Meditation

The world in which we are living in, I am talking about the present one in 20th century, are we still connected with one mind, soul, the nature around? Do we have the time introspect each day? Aah! I don’t think many of us do. Our lives have changed to such an extent (I would say towards a negative way of living, where we as human beings are not actually living. We aren’t able to actually enjoy are being. Everyone is busy running after goals, further goals and so on and so forth. There is no sense of satisfaction. We are caught up so badly in this racing net to gain more and more name, fame, wealth that we are unable to find time for ourselves. We are not able to take care of ourselves, our body and soul. Hence, we are so easily becoming ill, weak each passing day. The need of the hour is to look for a way out where we could be able to take care of our health and fight against the too dangerous that act as obstacles in our way to progress. Meditation is one of the best ways to do it.

Meditation is a way to communicate and work on our mind. Meditation could be practised anywhere, you simply need to stop, look and listen. There are different in which we can mediate. Meditation has been seen as having innumerous fruitful results. It helps us to improve our body, mind and soul. Here are some of the health benefits of meditation:


1. Immunity increases

Immunity increases

Immunity system is our defence against the foreign bacteria and viruses. A weak immune system need to be cured. Meditation has been proven to have risen, the figure of anti-bodies enhance brain function. Meditation also helps in reducing stress and bringing optimism that in turn helps in strength in immune system.


2. Emotional stability

Emotional stability

The problems related to our emotions are too many where are not able to give time for our partners, family and even to ourselves. This result in stress, depression and emotional breakdown. In situations like these, meditation can aid you in a great way. Meditation brings in peace and calmness quiet quickly. Stress hormones acts negatively that is why we feel pressurised and in situation like these meditation gives us a state of tranquillity. Mood swings, uncontrollable ups and downs make us feel the life to be unworthy of living. By bringing in positive energy and the emotional self is stabilised.


3. Help to get rid of addictions

Help to get rid off addictions

Meditations help in fighting against addictions of all kinds including drugs intake, alcohol, etc. People who are addicted are generally stressed out of their life’s problems and difficulties. Meditation provides peace of mind and optimism is obtained in a great way. Due to which tensions and anxiety is reduced and in turn one is able to focus more on problem solving technique.


4. High blood pressure

High blood pressure

Nowadays we hear a lot number of individuals dying because of heart attacks, hypertensions, heart diseases so there is a great need to examine and find some way out to maintain one’s blood pressure. Meditation takes in less oxygen and heart has to beat lesser and consequently there is a decrease in blood pressure.


5. Decrease anxiety

Decrease anxiety

Anxiousness is a part of human nature, but there are people who become over-anxious that are they worry too much about anything and everything. They feel restless, get easily irritated, prone to head ache in such situations they find it difficult to live(happiness the main goal becomes almost impossible to achieve).Peace of mind and over thinking can be reduced with the help of meditation. There is a rest and relaxation that is gained by our mind and thus, coherence is achieved.


6. Increase in energy level

Increase in energy level

Working whole day continuously makes you feel tired and fatigue takes over, there is a necessity to keep yourself energetic and healthy. Take five to ten minutes amidst your busy routine and practise meditation, it’ll surely help you boost your energy. You’ll feel more focussed after meditation. Meditation helps one to improve one’s sleeping habit that  is one is able to sleep on time and is gifted with a deeper and satisfying sleep that helps one to focus more and with a clearer mind.


7. Weight Loss

Weight Loss

The trend in this era is to remain slim, fit and healthy. There are a lot of methods available but they are of no use. These methods leave one either exhausted or imposes side effects on the individual. Meditation it seems to me is the best way to handle this. It is inexpensive, easiest and healthiest way to reduce one’s weight though it works slowly on your body. While mediating one is asked to imagine that one has the perfect figure and there is a peace of mind that is achieved helps one to get self-aware.


8. Reduces pain

Reduces pain

Meditation helps in reducing pain; almost forty percent of the intensity of pain is lessened. It works on brain’s activity in the primary somatosensory cortex, which is also part that gives the feeling of pain in a particular region. One feels calmer and the focus shifts into other things that are positive and hence pain is reduced.


9. Cholesterol


Cholesterol plays an important role in digestion, in producing sex hormones and helps in producing Vitamin D and also keeps the cell membrane bound. Excess of cholesterol could be bad since it resists blood flow and clog the arteries. Meditation reduces stress which requires cholesterol to bind cells that have been destroyed by stress hormones.


10. Helps to fight Asthma

Helps to fight Asthma

Asthma with the symptoms-coughing, breathing shortage, chest seeming tight, wheezing is a chronic inflammation of lungs in which bronchi’s way is challenged. The nervousness and uneasiness that asthma patients feel can be reduced greatly by meditation one as to breathe deeply and there is a recognisable increase in air flow, the flow of oxygen is also increased that help in relaxing your mind and body.


Meditation is an excellent exercise that does not consume money, time or much of your energy. Instead it benefits one to attain a healthy body, mind and soul. An individual is treated physically, mentally and emotionally. It just  take a few minutes of your busy life leaving stability in your life and an enthusiasm and  that is so much needed to live like a human being.

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