Top 10 Reasons Why Homosexuality Should be Legalized

Just because heterosexuality is the most dominant sexual orientation among human beings, one can’t overlook the fact there are people who exhibit a different sexual attitude. Only because certain people are present in minority, one can’t ignore their existence and snatching away from them their fundamental rights is wrong. A person can love whomsoever he desires, even if he is the person of opposite sex. But such ideas seem immoral and unacceptable to some and they simply discard it away by calling it a “mortal sin”. Many people argue that homosexuality is a trait exhibited many animals other than human beings while very shockingly, some people call homosexuality as an instinct and compare the wish of a person to be a gay to killing people, forgetting that being a gay does not harm anybody. But only those whose souls have been trampled upon know the pain. The debate on the issue of legalizing of homosexuality has received favourable arguments from many and only few oppose this.  Although there are many, we bring you a list of only ten reasons to legalize homosexuality.


1. To increase the number of successful adoption

To increase the number of successful adoption

Although many homosexual couples don’t wish to have children and some opt for other scientific methods to produce children, still there are a lot many couples who wish to adopt children. But most adoption agencies discriminate against gay couples, despite of them being stable and loving parents. A research shows that children raised by homosexual parent are no different from the one brought up by heterosexual couple. Moreover, currently there are so many children living without parents. So granting homosexual couples their rights will increase the chances of thousands of faster children to gain loving parents and families since adoption agencies will be forced to grant the same respect and rights to homosexual people.


2. To control the population

To control the population

Since most gay couples can’t reproduce themselves, legally permitting homosexuality and allowing homosexual couples to get married will be a great help in controlling the growth of human population which has become a severe problem in recent past for almost all counties of the world.


3. To foster social acceptance

To foster social acceptance

What law has to say has a great impact on society’s beliefs and behavior? Decriminalization of homosexuality will also enhance in acceptance of homosexual couples and homosexual individuals at social level. Although majority of people are in support of homosexuality and have regard for homosexuals but lawful approval will be worthy in changing the mindset of people who oppose this. Legalizing homosexuality will help to establish social norms that will include and respect homosexual lifestyle. Countries like Canada have amended the curriculum in their schools to include LGBT topics. Moreover, this will boost the confidence of homosexual individuals who fear opposition and can’t take a stand for themselves.


4. It has nothing to do with politics or morality or religion

It has nothing to do with politics or morality or religion

Scientists have found that a person’s sexuality is determined before they are born. Of course! Why would anyone ‘choose’ a life of humiliation, discrimination, and bullying? In Ancient Rome, homosexuality was never frowned upon, in fact, there are records of same-sex marriages. Homosexuality only became a taboo when religion was brought into picture. Even according to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva made love with Lord Vishnu when the latter disguised himself as Mohini, despite being aware of his true identity and produced a son, worshipped as Lord Ayappa, down south. Legalization homosexuality might hurt the sentiments of conservative and religious men but the fact is that not approving homosexuality is discriminatory and there is no political for its criminalization. Laws are designed to allow people to act according to their beliefs. But religious views of a particular section of society should not affect government’s decision making. The constitution’s commitment to liberty and equality should protect homosexuality.


5. It is a matter of Human Rights

It is a matter of Human Rights

Loving someone comes naturally to a person and marriage is entirely a personal decision. If a person is willing to marry someone then the society should not have a say in it. Like it was unacceptable to marry people of other caste, race, religion or countries, hundred years back but soon people realized that it was unjust and irrational, the issue of homosexuality seems similar. Society needs to realize that above everything else, it is a matter of fundamental right and freedom and happiness. The fact is that gay people don’t JUST want to get married or involve in sexual activities, they want to be equal to the heterosexual people and should not be punished for what they feel. Love is an emotion, a right and a need, not a concept or trend that can be controlled or denied by law or religion. Since religion and law are something we are taught and have a choice over, homosexuality is something you are born with. If homosexuals are not trying to control heterosexuals, then heterosexuals too should not try to control homosexuals.


6. Good for party in power

Good for party in power

As we already mentioned above, the homosexual community are big in numbers when it comes to population, so in the countries where same-sex sexual activities or for that matter homosexual marriages and adoption is not legalized yet, the ruling party can give a thought to pass the bill in their favor since it will not only let the end of struggle of homosexual people and protests but will also be favorable to the rulers as many votes will be caste in their favor in the next elections. Not only homosexuals but the supporters too will appreciate this move of theirs.


7. Because homosexuality is already a reality

Because homosexuality is already a reality

In many countries of the world like Canada, Brazil, Spain, France, Belgium and many others, thousands of gay couples have already gotten married. Sexual orientation of a person is a biological and natural as breathing. It is nothing which they deliberately opted for or against anyone’s will. So why make it an issue of hurting someone’s sentiment when it is in nobody’s control and make it sound like a taboo or social disability. One can’t ignore the fact that homosexuals are a big minority and hence there is no point denying these people their rights which they are naturally entitled to and create revolt in their hearts, that too when so many other people are in their support. One of the online debating sites record that 80% of respondents are in favor of granting legalization to homosexuality. They not only polled in favor of this legalization but also voiced substantial arguments to back the same. Blind-folding oneself and not legalizing homosexuality will no way end it, but will only lead it to be practiced in hidden.


8. Because heterosexual community is unaffected

Because heterosexual community is unaffected

Legalizing homosexuality will no way impact the heterosexual community. It is just an ugly, inhuman attitude that has upheld this belief. But as the matter of the fact, passing the bill to legalize homosexuality will only make life easier for that portion of population which has till now suffered because of opposition from being what they are and for exercising what comes naturally to them. After all how can sexual orientation of a person affect a heterosexual couple and their relation? Would it really bother anyone, if two people could celebrate their love equally?


9. To drop the youth suicide rate

To drop the youth suicide rate

In the recent past, a drastic increase in the number of cases of youth suicide have been reported. Many of these suicides are committed because the person was bullied in school or college or office because of his sexual orientation. Legalization of homosexuality will explain the conservative of younger generations that being different is not a social disability and they have no right to molest, murder or commit suicide because of the same. Homosexual individuals are no different from others in their style or talent or capabilities and are an equal asset to the society as heterosexuals. No nation can afford to lose them because the stereotypical mentality that they aren’t at par with heterosexuals.


10. To increase the number of successful marriages

To increase the number of successful marriages

More than 50% of couples who end up getting divorced due to reasons like incompatibility and infertility which are surfaced majorly because one or both of the two partners are homosexuals. Sometimes due to family pressure and other times because of legal issues, homosexual are not very expressive about their sexual orientations and ultimately are forced into heterosexual marriages, which in turn results into a divorce. Not only this, many individuals decide not to marry because their homosexuality is not accepted. So legalizing homosexuality and gay marriages will not only decrease the divorce rate but will also ensure a greater number of successful marriages. Since situation can’t get any worse than it is right now, one really needs to ponder over the matter.

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