Top 10 Websites That Changed Everyday Life

The era has come to a juncture that everything and anything can be done on internet or say through internet. But there are some websites which have shown the new face of internet. From shopping to learning, socialising to news portals, everything is so easily available on the internet that this has created some giants in the field of top websites. Here is the list.


1. Google:


The name says it all. Who doesn’t know about Google? It is well said “If it is not on Google that it can’t be anywhere”. It was founded by Lerry Page and Brin Surgey and is world’s largest search engine. Google contributes to 80% of the searches done on the internet. Also, Google is not just a search engine, it has contributed in many different ways like the browser Google Chrome, social networking like Google Plus and well-known Google mail. Well, Google has gained popularity so much that it has earned the position of verb in well known Oxford Dictionary.


2. YouTube:


Videos were always the source of entertainment on the internet. But due to some frequency and bandwidth problems, many people including the owners of the websites try to avoid them. To this very genuine problem, the solution was founded in February, 2005 which was nothing but YouTube. YouTube not only allows uploading videos at a much approached frequency but also allows the users to like or even comment on the respected video. This is a challenge, that every required video is available on YouTube and in this way it chases the heart of its users.


3. Amazon:


The name of the website clarifies that it must be amazing. The site is named on the name of world’s largest river and hence is world’s largest shopping website. From grocery to music CDs to brick-mortar to toys everything is available on this website. it gives the way to people to have everything under the same name and that too online. It minimised the usage of retail shops to a great extent. Along with this availability advantage, Amazon also offers free shipping delivery with a purchase of $25. Truly Amazon has changed the face of online shopping.


4. Facebook:  


The quote truly defines this: The book that everyone wants to face. This was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004 but it was highly grown in 2010 when the website was exploded with 500 million users. The website was made for a single college but gained popularity worldwide. The idea of socialising on the internet was not new but presenting this idea with so many lucrative options help the website to make its made in top ten websites of the world. In Facebook, the registered user can chat, comment, like, make friends and maintain his relationships. The idea to make the world closer was founded. 


5. Wikipedia



The world’s largest free encyclopaedia was founded by Jimmy Wales in 2001 and bloomed the life of all students. There are almost 17 million articles and that too in various languages like Spanish, German, Russian, French, and Italian etc.  It is a free source website where the user can find almost everything and if he can’t find it he can himself edit it.  It was ranked 7th most visited website by Alexa, world’s ranking forum. The website added a new version in the field of research and knowledge.


6. Yahoo:


It was one of the most visited website on the internet from 1994 to the time when Google gained popularity. Yahoo has many branches like yahoo messenger, news, advertisements, search engine and games but the most popular among all is yahoo messenger which was the first to gain popularity in terms of chatrooms. Though Google has swapped the place of Yahoo, but it’s still safe to consider it and mention its name in top 10 websites of this changing era.


7. Pandora:


This website makes its name in the field of music. As listening to music is the most common hobby of the people all over the world, CDs, MP3s, music cassettes and radio station fulfils their need. But the change in the field was noticed with this online radio website where one can create its own music station and listen to music of his own taste unlike on radio stations. This introduced a new chapter in the life of music lovers where they can create their own music bands, station and fill a new colour in their monotonous lives.


8. Blogger:


Blogger is the site which let you share your feelings with the world. Blogger has replaced the old ways of writing on the piece of paper or notebook or getting a column in the magazines to get it print. Now you can easily write your thoughts and upload it on this website and get a worldwide popularity. Many sites have come for the competition like WordPress, LiveJournal and TypePad but none was able to turn the stone in front of Blogger and hence it deserves to be in this list. 


9. Craigslist


Everything needs advertisement to let the people know about it. If you were ever interested in this field that you must know the problems related to spam’s, security and non- existed unorganised ads. These problems were solved by the biggest online advertisement website which made the life easier. Now searching anything from broadest i.e. globally to narrowest i.e. city wide you can do this on internet through this. This website also got huge popularity through its section named “personals”.


10. EBay:


Again a shopping website but gained new levels of popularity by making itself a far more ahead then others by its exclusive options of bid and buy the products. It is one of biggest shopping website which has its branches located in more than 30 countries and has all the eye catchy features which doesn’t allow its customers to go to any other store.


These websites have gained so much popularity that they have changed the everyday life of the common people. Hence they truly hit the list.

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