Top 10 Brands that Youth Swear

‘I like this brand because it saves my pocket…..’But, I like that trendy brand…..’ These are some of the most common statements we get to hear from the youth these days. The present day youth believe in choosing the right brand. Be it clothing, shoes, cars, gadgets or any accessories, brand plays a pivotal role. The brand name decides what needs to be bought. Price does matter, but very often it is seen that name of the brand outplays price and several other attributes. Youth enjoy bragging about the different brands chosen by them and also see to it that they purchase only branded stuff. In today’s world, we go by the fact that we are what we are because of the right brand. Such a powerful word is this ‘brand.’ It is very difficult to find youth who are never used to any kind of brands. When a brand tag is given to a particular thing, it is a common believe that quality has not been compromised. With this assurance, we end up sticking on the same brand unless we get influenced by someone else to change to a different brand. But again, we use our self-instinct to decide which brand would be a better choice for us. Here are some of those very famous brands that can easily entice the youth of today.


1. Apple


Yet, another common dream of many which is nothing, but to own an Apple gadget. From iPods to smart phones, Apple has definitely come a long way. With Apple still dominating the world’s top brands, not a soul can we find who wouldn’t love to own this gadget brand. Getting to the topmost position is a difficult task indeed, but to retain oneself in that position is much a harder task. Apple is able to successfully capture the market, all credits to its innovations such as iPhones and iPads. Though unsuitable for pockets of common man, Apple still continues to entice the hearts of all.


2. Rolex


It is rightly said, ‘Time and tide doesn’t wait for anyone.’ So is this terrific brand of watch that is a dream of many but can be purchased by only a few. Still, youth of today don’t deter to continue dreaming of buying this expensive Rolex brand. A Switzerland make, Rolex brand is known for its luxury watches. Though owned by all aristocrats, every other individual wishes to tie this on their wrist. With gold and diamonds studded all around, Rolex watch is truly a brand to brag about. Made using cutting-edge technology, the quality of this watch is what that makes it top the list of branded watches.


3. Zara


A leading name in world of apparels, Zara provides one with a range of scintillating collections. Originated in Spain, this has entered the market as early as in 1975. Known for its uniqueness and innovativeness, it is a dream come true for many to wear apparels with the Zara tag on them. Loved equally by guys and gals, this brand has set a benchmark in the world of fashion. This brand doesn’t stop with just apparels, instead supplies cosmetics, shoes and kids clothing as well.


4. Lee


An established brand of denim jeans, Lee is known for stealing hearts of many with its durable and comfortable jeans. Ventured into the market as early as in 1889, Lee is a prominent name in the world of casual wears as well as formal wears. A well-known fashion brand among youth, Lee is the most common choice when it comes to picking a jean. What actually started as an exclusive American brand has now captured Indian markets as well.


5. Mercedes


‘Vrooommm….,’ that’s how cars fascinate many of us. Who would not love to own a car and if that would be Mercedes, this should be definitely an icing on the cake. Though a dream for many, yet Mercedes continues to rule the hearts of youth. As we all know, there is no tax for dreaming. So, why not imagine driving this splendid Mercedes car. Known for its classy and rich looks, Mercedes Benz has durable seating options. What more, exterior of the car is known to have coated with paint for about eight times thereby accounting for its overall longevity.


6. Nike


Just take a minute and think why this brand has been all-time favourite and is still continuing to rule the world. The world of shoes is so very dynamic that there is a constant change all the time. But, a simple yet powerful logo remains unchanged in our minds. Nike, a very popular name in the shoe making world, has left such an impact that people have got completely addicted to it. One of the most recognizable shoe logo, no matter how far is the view, Nike has dedicated itself to world of shoes and athletic apparels as well. A simple ‘swoosh’ logo on this brand is indicative of its power and dominance in the market.


7. Ray Ban

Ray Ban

A popular, very old name in the world of glasses, Ray Ban has left an astounding mark. Be it a man or a woman, this is the most-picked brand among the other brands of sunglasses. Very soothing and cooling to our eyes, Ray Ban sunglasses help protect our two little precious eyes from the harmful effects of sun. Be it morn or early evening, these sun glasses can be treasured upon. An Italian manufacturer of sunglasses, Ray Ban brand started to capture the market as early as in 1937. Supposedly the largest manufacturer of sunglasses, Ray Ban strives continually to provide quality glasses, thereby making it the most popular one among youth.


8. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

When we’d discuss branded hand bags for women, how is it possible to forget the men folk. Tommy Hilfiger, a popular brand for wallets, is most commonly used by the youth of today. When choosing a wallet, quality takes utmost priority and it is exactly this point why Tommy Hilfiger wallets are gaining popularity. Not just known for its brand, but also for its unique craftsmanship, these wallets have set high standards. Just a glimpse of such quality wallets would reveal to which brand these belong. Being a typical American lifestyle brand, Tommy Hilfiger comes in cool and funky styles. The best part of such wallets is their slim look with a huge range to choose from. Not just wallets, Tommy is also involved in selling clothes, shoes, watches and glasses as well.


9. Armani


A leader in all sorts of leather goods, Armani is a name to be cherished upon. Being an Italian fashion house, this brand loads one with various unique and exotic hand bags. It is a dream of every gal to own an Armani hand bag. Famous among the youth population, these bags are made from durable and long-lasting leather material. These hand bags are available in different exciting colours and patterns. Need a break from all those old-fashioned hand bags—then the apt choice would definitely be none other than Armani. Though expensive, yet this has a style mantra of its own!


10. Cadburys


‘Jee Lalchaye Raha Na Jaaye’ phrase goes synonymous with the Cadburys brand. Who wouldn’t love that piece of soft chocolate with its sweetness increasing as it melts down in the mouth? For many of us, a Cadbury piece seems like a heavenly experience. Right from taking a small bite till the entire chocolate getting melted, this seems to be a fresh and rich experience that would further tempt us to have another. Such a splendid taste has this chocolate got. Liked by both young and old equally, this brand is very close to the hearts of youth.

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