Top 10 Health Benefits of Having Proper Sleep

OK! So we all love sleeping, majority of us would agree to this. All of us consider sleep to be a very vital part of our lives, reasons being varied. Unaware of the actual scientific facts that prove a proper sleep to be highly essential for human metabolism, we have our own little reasons of considering sleep to be very significant and based on them we always try to manage getting a complete sleep. But, the facts tell that apart from just making you feel fresh and banishing dark circles, a proper sleep contributes in lots of other ways as well towards the making of a healthy lifestyle. As we are all aware of,  a healthy regime not only makes you possess a fit body, but it also adds up to you being mentally fit and energized for the entire day lying ahead to be conquered.  If a person gets an incomplete sleep for many days, he/she is bound to have several health related issues like feeling gloomy, improper concentration and the list goes on. So here we discuss some real health benefits that can be obtained by just a single step, that is, proper sleep!


1. Your heart stays healthy

Your heart stays healthy

And, there’s nothing more important than a healthy heart, for both personal and professional spheres. An optimum sleep keeps your heart fit and prevents it from various disorders like stroke and cholesterol. It is observed that the most frequent heart attacks have occurred during the early morning hours, which can be explained with the help of the fact that sleep interacts with blood vessels and improper sleep causes interruption in this process, leading to health disasters. A healthy heart alone is capable of keeping away many health disorders and proper sleep ensures you have one! Proper sleep should be considered as an indispensable part of our health regime as it guides us towards a healthy lifestyle.


2. Cancer prevention

Cancer prevention

Melatonin, a hormone that makes you feel sleepy and prevents cancer is secreted when you are not exposed to light. People who work at late night shifts and don’t take a proper sleep with lights off and required darkness are more prone to cancer as the secretion of melatonin is suppressed. This hormone is supposed to be suppressing the tumors and keeping us safe from this deadly disease, which is cancer. Here gain we see the importance of sleep under the right environment as well.


3. A proper sleep keeps you free from depression

keeps you free from depression

Depression is a factor developing in many people today and the primary victims are the youth. Late night studies, long internet sessions and staying up late due to numerous other reasons is keeping them from a sound sleep, which in turn is leading them to depression, of which the sole reason is lack of sleep. Depression is a state where a person starts losing his/her mental stability and the ability to think properly. This being the practical reason, it is scientifically proven as well that improper sleep leads to depression as it effects many of the chemicals in the human body, serotonin being one of them. It is the lack of this chemical that pushes a person in the state of depression, which again can be avoided through a sound sleep.


4. Lower levels of inflammation

Lower levels of inflammation

Inflammation is a phenomenon taking place in human body that causes threat to heart and problems like cancer, diabetes, arthritis and other auto immune disorders. Inflammation leads to acceleration of ageing in body and thus, is a serious problem that needs to be paid attention to. The main cause of this is lack of sleep and raised stress levels, which again indirectly connects to bad sleeping habits. It can be avoided to a great extent by having an appropriate sleep.


5. Weight regulation

Weight regulation

This one’s again a much talked about health advantage, and it really works. This was considered to be a myth formulated by people till the researchers came out with scientific evidences. An improper night’s sleep can lead to imbalance in the hormones that regulate the appetite and thus causes over weight and obesity in people. Ghrelin and leptin are the two vital hormones responsible for regulation of appetite and if a person isn’t getting a sound sleep of at least 7 hours, their secretion becomes out of a required proportion.  Therefore, here again, in weight management, it’s a proper sleep that stands as the most significant factor which can’t be ignored.


6. This one’s for every girl….reduced dark circles

reduced dark circles

For all those beauty and looks conscious girls, here’s the biggest reason to get a proper sleep. Complete and proper sleep hours help you escape those under eye dark circles, of which even the thought of getting can scare any girl. The most instant effect of lack of sleep is shown on a person’s face itself. Apart from your face getting dull and looking energy deficient, dark circles are the most common n familiar markers of an improper sleep. Girls are ready to take all sorts of anti-dark circle treatments available, but the most efficient and natural one is getting a proper sleep, which is the sole solution of this nightmare of theirs. Reduced or vanished dark circles are one of the most prominent and visible outcomes of a proper sleep.


7. A more stress free you!

A more stress free you

High stress levels are no less dangerous than any other disease. They affect your health adversely and bring in a lot of problems. A sleep deficient person often lands up in a state of stress, which in turn causes the generation of stress hormones, resulting in high blood pressure levels and anxiety. A proper sleep, if not taken, can cause a state of trauma and hassle which eventually results in bad health. So, here again, a proper sleep marks its importance and exhibits why one should pay attention to sleep, as many of us overlook it.


8. Your day becomes brighter

Your day becomes brighter

The way you feel is the way you perceive the things around you.  So if you have had a proper night’s sleep and feel fresh, consequentially your day becomes brighter. Nothing else in this world can provide satisfaction and happiness more than a proper health and this, comes from an appropriate sleeping routine. A cheerful person has the ability to impart some of their joy to those around and this makes a difference for sure, in a positive way obviously!


9. A better memory

A better memory

This is a fact known to almost all. We can recollect from our childhood days were our mothers always used to ask us to sleep timely on the night before examination. The reason being stated as, a complete sleep helps you increase your memory and thus allows you to gather your information better so that you can perform well. As we sleep, our brain is busy correlating the day’s activities and events and organizing them in a way you can recall well when required.  The ability of our brains to process increases tremendously if provided a proper complete sleep, which can be defined as 7-8 hours of sleep on an average.


10.  It makes you more alert

It makes you more alert

If you have slept properly the previous night, your day automatically becomes full of energy and activeness and one can get more involved in day to day life activities. The liveliness in you makes you more engrossed in everything you do and that is what makes you more alert towards the on goings around you.  An active day would lead into 100% involvement in every matter and efficient input towards every task you perform.

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