Top 10 Common Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

The word suicide itself evokes a feeling of pity for the victims or frustration as to question inner self why the present youth is going astray??? The answer is as convoluted as the question. No one can exactly predict the impulsive yet perplexed mind of today’s young minds. The question still remains the same.

According to reports, every person once in a lifetime has thought of ending his own life due to bewildered situations. Youth account for 80% of the total suicide cases in the world. Is this life so monotonous and cruel? Did our forefathers led a happy and lucid life and we are somewhat living a cursed life? These are some of the questions revolving in our mind when life leaves us in a never ending and dark path which has no direction. Let us have a peek on some of the reasons why suicide thoughts are induced in the young brains of the nation:


1. Dissolved in depression:

Dissolved in depression

The most suave, common reason of all suicide cases in the world. All thanks to depression, ruling our lives even before we have a tinge of knowledge about it. The people going through depression often cloak their feelings and detecting it is a cumbersome job. They just have one answer to all questions hovering in their minds- “Everyone would lead a better life without me. I am as equivalent to as extinct. I am a useless burden on my parents”. These thoughts are bound to happen and the person haves a taste of bitter, anger, brutal all in one sip. So how can one resist being driven towards suicide if such feelings occur simultaneously? So, the final end to all distress is killing self.


2. Loss of hope:

Loss of hope

We all dot hopes on The Almighty to lead a happy and glaring life ahead. But how many of us believe on him? I guess at some moment we all are in the midst of crashed hopes. Then even the pope in the church or the priest in the temple, lose that heavily doped hope on The Almighty. Sometimes it is the hope on our dear ones which got trampled and it affects us in such a way that we are in no position to bear the truth. Hope of getting a promotion, hope of getting a grade better than last year, hope of marrying the true love, hope of never being cheated by a best friend, hope of getting through a tough examination. Hopes are in aplomb and to get lost in hopes is common as common as being crashed.


3. Frustration:


Sometimes enough is enough… we try to fight out all odds and thrive towards success. In the meanwhile, life has some other plans for us. He tries us to beg, cry out and bow down before him. We had tried out all possible means to have our paths cleared but some way or the other, we are down with failure. Then when frustration creeps in and we are fed up of trying. It might be love failure, business failure or family matters. But a moment comes when our limit becomes the starting point and we have travelled far towards the end. No other way seem so easy than ending this life and leave all isolated path behind.


4. Fear:


If you say you fear of nothing, then you are definitely a liar. You can fool the world but not your soul. There is something or the other which makes you go on your knees, makes your heart pump a thousand times more and your body numb with fear. That something is the thing which has driven most people towards the epitome of insanity. And then the final destination is not hard to guess. It is suicide. People tend to fear of the unknown. The fear of loss of a dear ones or the fear of getting dragged by the cops, the fear of getting caught or the fear of getting humiliated in public. This all culminate into one way.


5. Psychosis:


Psychosis is more hard to mask than depression and even more tragic. It can lead to serious consequences if not detected in early stage. Schizophrenia is one of the ailments which makes one forget the real world and makes them live a virtual world where someone commands them to end this life. The intention is just to inflict self with torture and pain. It is treatable and should be diagnosed in time.


6. Lifeless things taking away lives:

Lifeless things taking away lives

Drugs and alcohols have always been the best company for today’s youth. Unable to handle competition, frustration, depression, cheating people resort to one easy solution- forget them all and have booze. And then starts the life which no one ever awaits for. Regular induction of drugs and alcohol drives them insane and impulsive which limit their power of differentiating between real and fake. Overdose leads to untimely death.


7. Burdened with past regrets:

Burdened with past regrets

Regrets are all a part and parcel of life. There is not a single person without regrets. However it is your decision whether to live with the regret or get motivated by the regret. Most of us confine ourselves within the four walls and become a sadist trying to dissolve it in tears. If the regret is too hard to bear, they try to get away by bringing an end to this life.


8. Society sucks:

Society sucks

How many of us have heard the tagline of parents- If you will do this, what will the society think? How will we face the neighbours?  Won’t our reputation be hampered?

It is the regular mindset of people to prioritize society before any emotions and feelings. All bow before the society and its stupid norms. Sometimes you become the laughing stock in front of the society who refuses to leave your shadow. And that embarrassment leaves a permanent imprint in their mind. To leave behind all these futile efforts of proving innocent, he finally takes the drastic step towards the end.


9. When there is heart break, people try to break their ties with life:

heart break

Those who fear of falling in love are the ones who fear of embracing rose with its thorn. All love stories are not perfect. Sometimes it the demand of the time that two cupid struck souls, depart and start a new life. But one of them cannot bear his love’s absence in his life. He hates this cruel life and to give this excruciating pain an end, breaks all his ties with life. But in reality, they forget about their mother who had to suffer endless pain to bring him into this world. They forget the insane love he got from his father. Just for the sake of some stranger, he is ready to depart this world.


10. Jobless life:

Jobless life

In the present world, to survive is the most tedious work to do. Most of the youth is unemployed to its peril. Every billionaire is busy making his own fortune, least interested to give this young mind a chance. And most important, politics has played havoc in our lives. Those who try to clean this mud, is himself trapped and finally leaves. What is the future of our youth? No work to do, no files to go through, no areas to survey, no earning to spend on… With all this tensions, he is left with one option, SUICIDE.


P.S- The ingredients to live a life are happiness, anger, distress, frustration, love, care, regrets. Without the spice of hardships and despair, life would be so dull and monotonous. Thriving after so many rejections brings joy more than an easy escape towards success. So, before you take the plunge towards the end, have a thought about your dear ones and the blissful moments with them!!!

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