Top 10 Awesome Things to do When You are Home Alone

Everybody needs a certain lonely time to discover what he/she is. What you want to be. How you want to spend your life. What kind of a person you are. Some soul searching to do. That curiosity, wanting to know more. This is best done when you are in the privacy of your home, all alone. Moreover, in this busy day to day life, you hardly get a chance to stay alone. So make the most of it when you get to be alone. Break the routine. Here is the list of top 10 awesome things to so when you are home alone.


1. No pants

No pants

Wear no pants. Be careful that you stay away from windows or ensure that all doors and windows are closed. Roam around, but all inside the house. Make yourself a hot cup of coffee. Take out an old album and watch all the old photos, recollecting all the sweet memories. For an internet guy, I suggest watching Facebook photos of all your 20-30 old friends with whom you hardly kept in touch with. You can even do an art project.


 2. Take self pics in your favourite clothes

Take self pics in your favourite clothes

Take model pose pics of yourself in your new outfit. Make cute faces, emo faces, silly looks, try out all the emotions. Get creative and get busy with yourself. Most people never get satisfied with photos others take of them. Ensure sufficient lighting, have a good background, be still and confident and most importantly look at the pic before clicking. The more pictures you take, the better chances of you getting a good picture. It’s a lot of fun!


3. Have a complete body care

Have a complete body care

Give yourself a complete oil massage, headbath, legspa and shave off your body hair. Spare some time for self-exploration.  Know your body. Love it. You can have a romantic rose petal bath. Take a really long bath. Exfoliate from head to toe. You’ll feel great.  Make a nail art on your nails.  Dye your hair. Do your hair and makeup. Wear and unwear all your favourite jewelry.


4. High-pitch music

High pitch music

Hit the sound levels of your music system to maximum and listen to your favourite songs album. Dance like you’ve gone crazy, to the tunes. Jump on the bed. Run around. Try out twist dancing as it even helps in setting your body loose and happy. You can even experiment with your instruments, drums, guitar, violin etc.


5. Read romantic novels

Read romantic novels

Have on seat on your bag or at your writing desk , favourite cushion and read romantic novels like Romeo & Juliet ,  The 3 little secrets, Seduced by an angel etc . You can even place a pile of cushions on the floor and relax over it to read. Further those who haven’t planned the day and so do not have a book , try an ebook. Romantic novels help you drift away, fantasizing about a perfect partner. It gives an edge about steamy hotness.


6. Sleep on the Couch

Sleep on the Couch

Couch potato? Yes, have a great sleep all day on the couch. Be lazy by having the ultimate relaxation – watching TV or simply eating your favourite ice cream/yoghurt, crunchy potato chips and beer. You could even shop online for clothes ( And then crash on the couch, have a happy sleep for the rest of the day without any work. Add cushions, pillows, soft toys, blankets that will increase your comfort level. Most importantly, turn off your phones. You don’t want any distractions.


7. Watch scary movies

Watch scary movies

Silence of the lambs, Drag me to hell, The ring, The conjuring, House at the end street , The exorcist, The Dead snow, Paranormal Activity 2, The strangers  – Pick a scary movie and watch it all by yourself with lights off. Like a movie marathon. Yes, you would be in your own creepy scary world for the rest of them, trying to escape from a dark force haunting you. Of course, this is most suitable for horror movie fans and strong hearted people.


8. Wear shorts

Wear shorts

Wear your favourite shorts skimpy clothes which you seldomly wear out fearing embarrassing looks from people around. Different types of shorts – jeans shorts,  athletic shorts, cargo shorts,  navy pattern shorts, bermudas, plaid shorts, capris, long shorts, hot pants, cut offs. Sit in your balcony and take a good dose of sun heat. It’s the most stress relieving experience. It could go with a bottle of olives and a refreshing orange juice. You can even end up planting a garden.


9. Watch all episodes of a Series back to back

Watch all episodes of a Series back to back

Vampire Diaries, Suits, Breaking bad, Big Bang theory, White collar, Sherlock Holmes, Gossip girl, Friends, Arrested development, True blood, Boys over flowers (Korean) – choose whichever is your interest. Whether you like some spine chilling vampire story, a brainy corporate lawyer stuff, a struggling cancer patient, a physics scientist stuff, a suspense filled dectective stuff, or simply some gossip there is always something to learn from series. And watching them back to back all throughout the day is awesome. Occasionally, mute them and try giving voice to your favourite scenes.


10. Cook your favourite food

Cook your favourite food

You cook whatever you like. Make the perfect cheese pasta, yummy maggi, fried chicken or a biryani – The Menu is all yours! You could also cook a complicated recipe, which you were always afraid of trying. Make yourself a fancy meal taking control of your diet and giving wings to your culinary end.

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