Top 10 Reasons why a Good Sleep is Very Important for your Body

In this tech freak world, I guess nine out of ten individuals must be slaves to the snooze buttons of their smart phones or alarms every morning. We fantasize of waking up refreshed at the perfect time, every morning. But in reality “I can sleep for few more minutes (yawn..!)” is an everyday feeling which most of us suffer from, while waking up in the morning. This can be most likely due to a bad night’s sleep or say, sleep deprivation. I must say I am one of the victims of this situation. Proper diet and exercise are not the only objectives for a healthy routine, a good sleep is also one major requirements.

These days’ people hardly find time for a sound sleep because of the immense work pressure in their work places, social tensions and so on. These are certain reasons for which one feels groggy after waking up in the morning. And eventually, they may even suffer from several health issues like hypertension, insomnia etc. Thus, a good night sleep is highly recommended. As we know, if a day starts well, goes well, so sound sleep is very essential for that. Here are the 10 other reasons why a good night sleep is very important for our body:


1. Retains a healthier heart:

Retains a healthier heart

Heart is the most vital organ of our body which continuously pumps oxygen and nutrient rich blood throughout our body to sustain life, so proper care should be taken. Apart from eating right and regular work out, sound sleep is highly essential for a healthy heart. Increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels are associated with sleep deprivation. According to researchers, lack of sleep can lead to 28% increase in average levels of hunger hormones followed by type 2 diabetes. This may eventually result in numerous cardiovascular diseases and heart strokes. Thus, it is recommended to sleep for at least 7 hours or more for a healthy heart.


2. Sleep reduces stress:

Sleep reduces stress

Lately, stress has become a very common health issue for every individual. Stress leads to syndromes like anxiety, hypertension, and depression and so on. Let it be the pressure by your boss at office or prolonged exams for a student or unaccepted humiliation, at every other situation we feel stressed out. Along with this if our body lacks adequate rest or sleep; it subsequently worsens our health which can lead to high blood pressure. But a proper and sound sleep can reduce the stress level to much extent and neutralize its effects on our body.


3. Enhances memory:

Enhances memory

Proper amount of sleep refreshes our mind and boosts our memory. Sleeping time is the most vital time for our brain to shape our memory and connect easily. According to researchers some areas of brain are distinctly more active after a period of sleep. They also explained that the cerebellum, which acts as the motor of our brain and controls the speed and accuracy, is more active when a person sleeps. They believe sleep makes our memory stronger and helps in increasing our creativity. Hence, it is not only advised to children or teenagers for a proper or good sleep, but also recommended to adults.


4. Better mood:

Better mood

A well-spent day brings happy sleep” are the famous lines said by the Italian Renaissance polymath, Leonardo da Vinci. I thoroughly agree to his words as I think a day spent perfectly without any kind of tensions, can help us to have a sound sleep at night. In case you have a sleepless night, the very next day you may feel cranky, irritated and may be also vulnerable to stress. But if you have sound sleep for sufficient hours, it can heal and rejuvenate you to greater extent. Researchers also say that chronic insomnia can lead to mood disorder like depression.


5. Helps our body replenish:

Helps our body replenish

Our body repairs all kind of damage caused by different pressure or tension, ultraviolet rays and other unsafe exposures during sleep. Cells produce more protein during sleep which is used for repairing the damaged cells. Muscle injuries and other trauma can also be healed faster during sleep. Thus, in case of any type of injuries, say major or minor, doctors’ advice to take proper rest and sleep for speedy recovery. So, sleep helps our body replenish.


6. Reduces depression:

Reduces depression

In these days, depression is one of the major factors which are faced by most of the people. There are numerous reasons to be depressed for an individual. As per report, it is estimated that by 2020, maximum death rates will be because of depression. Depression leads to hypertension. It can also cause sleep problems which may affect the level of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that may alter our mood. The higher is the level of serotonin, the higher is the feeling of happiness. Thus, proper sleep for about seven to nine hours every night can help in regulating serotonin level which results in making you feel happier.


7. Perks up our beauty:

Perks up our beauty

Dark circles? Arghh..! The best way to avoid dark circles is by having a good sleep. Lack of sleep also ages your skin early. Many of us must have experienced the shallow skin and puffy eyes after missing sleep for few days. Losing a proper sleep can release a stress hormone called cortisol, which can later break down skin collagen (the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic). Sleep experts also say that during deep sleep, growth hormones are released, which helps in increasing our muscle mass, thickens our skin and strengthens our bones as we grow old and promotes our growth when we were young.


8. Sleep and lose weight:

Sleep and lose weight

Sleep is one of the important factors for losing weight. Surprised? Don’t be, it has been scientifically proven that sleep affects the levels of several hormones in our body which helps in losing weight. Lack of sleep can affect the levels of the hormones, ghrelin and leptin, that regulates our appetite. Moreover while sleeping pituitary gland also secrets more growth hormones which is followed by higher metabolism leading to weight loss. Researchers also believe that the individuals who sleep for less than seven hours per night are usually over weight or are prone to obesity which is followed by various disorders in the human body.


9. Increases fertility:

Increases fertility

Leptin is a hormone which links sleep and fertility. It can even affect ovulation. Thus, women need proper sleep for adequate leptin production. It can also affect the menstrual cycle if it is imbalanced. This can also be followed by premature aging. According to reports, the female workers who are allotted night shifts have a high chance of irregular menstrual cycles. Sleep affects fertility hormones including progesterone, estrogen and so on. Thus, proper sleep is highly essential for every woman, when fertility is considered.


10. Improves smartness:

Improves smartness

Working throughout the day without a break, but a short nap in the afternoon time can revitalize us to greater extent and helps us in doing our work with a better speed. Even after a short sleep our mind can regain focus on different challenges. It can also trigger creativity. I guess, everyone will agree if I say when we are tired, we can’t concentrate and work properly. Thus, we need to sleep to improve our smartness and work fast.

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