Top 10 Things that People Think of when they are Not Able to Sleep

Truly said, “Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our body parts together”. Sleep occupies most relevant part in our daily life. It not only helps in reducing stress but also help our body parts to replenish. A good night’s sleep makes us alert for the whole following day. It indeed has been proved the best meditation. But what if you can’t fall asleep? What if your surrounding area is silent but your mind isn’t? What if you are tired but your mind is still working?

Yes, nowadays most of the people experience trouble sleeping which may be caused due to several reasons like stress, depression, chronic feelings of anxiety or some other health problem. Lack in sleep is most occurring problem in middle aged people. Many leisure activities like internet, phone calls, television, and gaming keep them out of the bed. Sometimes excitement for the next following day makes them to stay up all the night. Apart from this, it’s not just closing eyes and go to sleep for them. The most important thing a person needs to go for a sleep is mental ‘peace’. Loud thoughts running in mind are the basic reason behind sleep deprivation in most of the people of every age group.

‘Insomnia’ – the word must be so commonly heard by everyone. It is undoubtedly the most common sleep disorder found in which a person cannot fall asleep even if he/she is tired. What exactly happens when a person goes to bed is he/she just lay down and stare the ceiling. His every attempt for good night’s sleep fails. Eyes remain closed but the skull is full of million ideas spinning around like some unresolved issue, some excitement, Exam stress or may be career concern. Some of them are listed below.


1. About any upcoming social event

About any upcoming Social event

What people think of when they are not sleepy? What makes them not falling asleep? The most usual reason behind is excitement for some upcoming social event like marriage, birthdays, and anniversary or may be some other celebration. Most of the people remain excited about what they are going to wear, what would be the appropriate time for the celebration and with whom they are going to have those moments. This over-excitement tends us to think more and more


2. Nervousness for interview call

Nervousness for interview call

How to feel calm and collected before an interview? Yes this is what called Nervousness .It is very common in most of the people. They can’t fall asleep thinking the same. And finally instead of taking their mind to constructive side, they push their performance to opposite side.


3.  Outfits for the next day

Outfit for the next day

Before going to sleep sometimes we think about outfits for tomorrow. Especially for girls, it is most important task to think about their dress pattern, color, foot wears, accessories and many more things to put on for the following day. So these planning are generally common in many girls whenever they can’t fall asleep.


4. About friendship and relationships

About friendship and relationships

Our mind is so very usual to the thoughts of friends and relationships. The unlimited smiles we share, the moments we pass, the conversations we make ends up in memories. And the best place to revive these thoughts is your bed. Night seems the best time to think off when you are not sleepy. Underneath the lashes it’s not sleep that comes up; it’s only the thoughts which are right now under experience.


5. Good or worst Memories

Good or bad memories

‘Things end but memories lasts forever’ – One of the immutable truth. Everyone has memories of good moments they spent off and worst as well.  Night plays an important role in cementing memories. Sometimes it is not realized but we end up our whole night thinking about some good or bad happened to us. Some of them make us feel wonderful and are worth remembering while some are ‘worst’ remembering. Whole night seems short when one indulges themselves in past memories.


6. Career concern

Carreer concern

‘Dream job’ – The mind sometimes remain concentrated on this word. What type of job I need? What kind of job would fulfill my demands or would satisfy my needs?  Which path is to be chosen and which not. This question remains in every mind along with the worries of being jobless. It’s good to think about future but sometimes it becomes the reason behind your sleeplessness.  Sometimes we don’t even realize but we spend our whole night thinking about the career. So only a small thing we need to keep in our mind is “Behind every successful man there are a lot of unsuccessful years”.


7. Exam stress

Exam stress

Falling asleep is not that easy during exams. The pressure to do well in exams and to revise makes us to think and get worried the whole night. This anxiety and stress sometimes makes us to feel depressed which is not good for a good performance. It also effects sleep badly. Many students are caught saying that “I am going to fail this time’ I’m scared”. And the same anxiety doesn’t allow them to sleep well.  Reducing this kind of stress can be easily achieved by proper and timely revision and also having the power of positive thinking.


8. Thinking about some unresolved issue

Thinking about some unresolved issue

This problem is so common in teenagers. Getting into certain troubles and thinking about the past traumas makes their mind loud which in turn results in trouble sleeping. They go to bed but their mind is actually awake fighting of many problems and their solutions. Some of them try to deviate their mind by listening songs and watching tv or keep engaged with internet. The worst impact is improper sleeping habits. The best solution for this problem is to share. Share whatever you are feeling inside with any one, may be your parents, friends or siblings. Sharing helps a lot in reducing stress and indirectly gives a major contribution for a good night’s sleep.


9. Reminding whatever happened in the past day

Remember whatever happened

Thinking about the whole day past is natural while going to bed like some good happened, some bad or may be some unresolved issue. Sometimes we just love to think while sometimes some stress tends us to think. Some memories make us to feel wonderful while some makes us to feel low. Excitement for anything or any special events like birthdays also become one of the reason for not able to fall asleep. We keep on thinking and wondering about the past day. We are tired but our mind isn’t.  However we can cope up with this issue by just creating a relaxing bedtime routine.


10. Plans for the following day

Plans for the following day

“Tired minds don’t plan well. Sleep first, plan later”. But what if, you are not at all tired. The first and foremost thing that comes in mind while going to bed is the planning for the next day. People could not sleep for the whole night thinking about the next day’s plan. Apart from this some of them indulge themselves in consciousness instead of a good scheduling. Undoubtedly, it’s good to plan for the same to have a better control over the day but most of the people end up with stress of responsibilities. And it finally results in problems of not falling asleep. But it’s not at all a big matter to get worried. What exactly helps to get rid of this is preparing a list-to-do or a worry list. Whatever comes in your mind, just write them down and put away. Most of the strategies like this have been proved really effective.

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