Top 10 Best Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Anniversaries provide a great opportunity to get reminded of all the love and intimacy two people have shared in form of marital bliss. They give the couple and their close ones a chance to look back at all those years which they have spent together and it makes them appreciate their bond even more. But what can be a perfect gift to present to your parents on their anniversary? Something that can be of a great use to them while holding a special place in their hearts. Or something that can remind them of all the memories, good or bad, that they have lived together and will be cherishing for a lifetime. Here are top 10 gifts that you can get for your parents on their anniversary which will make them go WOW and feel blessed to have got married and had kids like you! Have a look.


1. Organize a party

Organize a party

Setting up a romantic dinner or planning a weekend getaway is awesome but if your parents like to be surrounded with their friends and family or have an amazing social group then what can be better than organizing a party for them. Select a romantic or even some dramatic theme, make a guest list keeping all their close ones in mind, arrange for their favourite dishes, and decorate the place the way they like and surprise! There is no way that your parents will not like the effort you would be putting in to throw a party for them.


2. Couple rings

Couple rings

Your parents’ anniversary is a special and a precious occasion. And very few gifts can be as precious as jewelry. Gifting your parents a pair of rings can be a smart choice. Every anniversary has a certain stone linked to it, like 5th anniversaries have sapphire, 10th has diamond, 15th has ruby and so on. You can get rings with the stone analogous to their wedding year and present it to your parents. Or one can also have their names engraved on the rings just like newly-weds. They would love to wear those and will appreciate their marriage and family even more.


3. Custom Statuettes

Custom Statuettes

You can get your parents some customized statuettes in a variety of materials and designs. From glass crystals with imprinted messages to wooden embossing, one can find a huge collection online as well as in gifting stores. You can get one of their favourite picture printed on a glass crystal or some message printed for them in bronze or some other material. They can keep this statuette on their desk and always be reminded of their amazing wedding and wonderful kids.


4. Anniversary Journal

Anniversary Journal

If you want to gift your parents something in which they can keep a complete record of their marriage from Day 1 then anniversary journals are your thing. These can be in form of a book with a hardcover having enough pages that your parents can use it till their 50th anniversary or even more. They can add pictures or write about little instances they encountered every year together. The journal will timeline their beautiful moments and how far they have come as a couple. You can present a blank journal for your parents to fill up on their own or you can fill up the pages for the years which they have already passed. Your parents are surely going to love this gift.


5. Set up a date

Set up a date

We all know that once a couple become parents their lives take a 360 degree turn. The love and romance somewhere gets side-lined due to bringing up of children and the responsibilities attached with that. So, on this anniversary you can give them another chance to feel all the love that they have for each other by setting up a date for them. You can book them a table in a classy restaurant or buy them a couple of tickets for a romantic destination they have been longing to visit. After all it’s their day and the most important thing is for them to celebrate it together.


6. A bottle of wine

A bottle of wine

A bottle of this luxurious drink can also make a great gift that your parents will surely appreciate a lot. As wine is also almost synonym with celebration gifting a bottle of wine to your parents on their wedding anniversary can be a really great idea. You can also put in a little extra effort and search for a wine bottle which is as many years old as your parents’ marriage. Like if they are celebrating their 25th anniversary then get them a 25 year old wine. Now that might be a little difficult to find and also expensive but it can give your parents unmatched happiness.


7. Couple Photo-shoot

Couple Photo-shoot

As I already talked about how photographs are a great way for capturing moments of our life then why not gift your parents their personal photo-shoot? Before they reach their venue for an anniversary dinner ask them to stop by and get their wedding milestone captured by a professional photographer. You can hire one for a couple of hours and make your parents feel like celebs of the day. They might feel a bit hesitant initially but nevertheless they will love this beautiful gift of yours.


8. Champagne glasses

Champagne glasses

Anniversary and Champagne are more closely related then you think. As the former calls for celebrations the latter one is an important part of those celebrations. So gifting your parents Champagne glasses on their anniversary will not just be a useful gift but also a beautiful token of celebration and their amazing bond. Plus it will also give them another reason to raise their glass up in the air and make a toast on their special day. One can also get their parents’ names and their wedding date engraved on the glasses which will make this present even more special.


9.  Framed Photo collage

Framed Photo collage 

Photographs are undoubtedly the best form to keep your memories alive so that whenever you look back at them they can make you smile even after many years have passed. And anniversary is one such occasion to look back at all those memories. You can make a collage of all the happy, intense as well as candid moments your parents have shared as a couple and get the collage framed. Or if collages do not impress them much then you can even get the best couple picture of theirs framed and present it to them on their anniversary. Your parents will definitely be delighted to see something like that.


10. Couple watches

Couple watches

Watches usually make a great gift as they look classy and elegant and also they can be used by the person you are gifting it to. That’s why you can never go wrong with a watch. Now when the occasion is an anniversary, couple watches are an amazing option as many stores offer a men’s watch and a women’s watch teamed up together with similar design and look. Moreover your parents can wear their watches at parties and functions and dazzle together. Also whenever they will look at this gift they will be reminded of the amazing time they have spent with each other and how they have brought up an amazing family which you are having right now.

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