Top 10 Best Retirement Gifts for Women

Choosing a gift for someone can be a pretty mind boggling task. You might end up spending hours thinking about the perfect gift to get for someone and might end up giving your quintessential stereotypical gifts even after so much brain storming. It’s much more troubling if the person in question is a women and to top all of that a women who has just retired. It’s very difficult to pick gifts for women who are retiring because let’s be honest we don’t want to put something forward which might be taken as a symbol or a metaphor for an end to their lives as they know it because adjusting to retirement can be a pretty difficult task for some. When you have been working all your life you can’t just wake up and know what to do with all that free time that you now have, something you always wanted. But when it’s right there staring back at you people don’t know what to do with it. You can help them by picking the right gift and maybe even conveying a little message of this is not the end and that there’s so much beyond just working. So here is a list of Top 10 Retirement gifts for Women that you might want to consider before you head off to the market.


1. A pet


Sometimes creatures other than human beings might end up becoming very close friends of yours, especially in quarters of life when you are mostly on your own but often need company as well. A pet can be the best thing that can happen to someone but at the same time you have to be careful so as to make sure that the person you are gifting it to, has at least some inclinations towards animals. Do your research find out what will be best for them, if they are too outdoorsy then maybe a dog or even a horse might too( if they have huge spaces). If they are not so much of an outdoor person birds or fishes or cats might be a good idea.


2. Movie collections

Movie collection

Movie collections are a priceless thing to have, especially those customized and put together by people who have been with you during phases of your life. So through in their favorites along with timeless classics and your own favorites to create a very personalized movie collection that they can switch once they are done with all the other things they have planned for themselves. For movie buffs especially you can arrange for the autographed editions of DVDs or accompany your gift with customized minimalist posters they can put up in their den. Or better, get them framed!


3. Something which says Fun

Something which says fun

Turn the humorous mojo on with hilarious accessories and graphics. Get some customized things printed or print their favorite quote on a coffee mug or a scroll pad. Alternatively you can get some joke books or even clothing with customized prints on them. It will lighten their mood and help them take their retirement in good joy. Though make sure you don’t go over board and come up with something on their expense because every individual Is different and so is their idea of humor!


4. A traveling kit

Travel kit

There are people who have been planning to travel their whole life but are often too busy in their lives while they are young or while they have work but retirement offers a very unique opportunity to get those checkmarks on the bucket lists. Help them plan a trip to their favorite destinations by gifting them things that will help them during the same, it will also remind them of you every time they are away and use anything from the customized travel kits you put together for them. Make sure you are thorough with your research when you buy travel equipment, take the context of space in considerations and avoid going for dainty things that might look pretty but provide little utility in reality.


5. Gardening sets

Gardening set

Gardening is a very calming activity to take up and people do tend to lean towards it and spend time in their gardens working on their plants which they nurture with care. You could help in contributing to this activity by gifting them gardening sets and even if they aren’t all that into gardening you can always ask them to try because gardening and horticulture can put the idle time to some very good use.


6. Hobby sets

Hobby set

Retirement as mentioned more than often translates to free time to oneself. Time with which one can experiment with various things and arts in life and express themselves through creating things if they wish to. If the person you are planning the gift for is interested in something In particular like Art or Sculpture, you could help them in nourishing their art and polishing their techniques by gifting them art supplies or art sets. Alternatively if you are not sure you can just make them push themselves and experiment with things by gifting them Hobby sets which come fully equipped with all things they will need to start.


7. Books


Books are a man’s best friend, it doesn’t matter what you do in life. It doesn’t matter how old you are and or where you are books can always cheer you up and transport you into another world entirely. So go out and grab a book set, preferably one of the unique additions or illustrated editions close to the person you are gifting them to. Accompany it with quirky posters or bookmarks and you will have a personalized gift.


8. Spa coupons


After a hectic lifestyle and years of working your way through many problems and difficulties in your life when you reach a point where you get to start a new and get all the time in the world to do whatever you want to, whatever you ever wanted to the best way to start is by rejuvenating yourself. To start afresh in the most literal of ways you can gift them spa coupons to a body message or any of the relaxation packages which might help them wind down and cool off before they start for another journey of their lives.


9. Chocolate and flowers

Chocolate and flowers

Ah, Chocolate! Everyone loves chocolate! And what better way to celebrate beginning of another phase of life than some chocolate bars and flowers. Besides being a nice gesture the power of fresh flowers is well known to the world- they instantly brighten your day and cheer you up, no matter what situation you are in. Same goes for chocolates. So rely on these to be your safe bets but if you are seeking something more symbolic, keep reading!


10. Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are always a safe bet when you are very unsure about gifting retiring women. You can always get them coupons to their favorite stores and let them pick what they want for themselves. If you are lost as to what stores you should go do, make a checklist of all the things she likes and wears and choose or else you could also try contacting her children or best friends about what you can do for the occasion.

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