Top 10 Best TV Manufacturing Brands

Televisions are the best way of entertainment and information. Television is sometimes called idiot box or the box of troubles. But almost every house on this planet is incomplete without the TV. Many companies spend a lot of money and time to make this entertainment box. In the race of making the best TV some companies win and others learn. The top most brands in the world which manufactures TVs are:

1. Samsung Electronics


Samsung manufactures the largest number of television sets and LCD panels across the globe, since 2006.  Samsung electronics Co. Ltd. is a South Korea based company with its headquarters at Suwon in South Korea. Since the year 2012, Samsung is the leading company leaving behind all the other companies that are based on technology. Samsung electronics was also the first company to launch 3D LED HDTV which was put on display at CES 2010, Las Vegas. In a period of just 6 months, the company sold more than a million sets of TV when the overall and total worldwide sale was 1.23 million. This shows that more than 80% of the TVs in the worldwide sales were of Samsung.


2. LG Electronics


The term LG is the short form for ‘Life’s Good’. LG Electronics is a multinational company which manufactures and sells the products such as mobile phones, home appliances like refrigerator, microwave, etc. But most importantly, it is among the leading producers of Home Entertainment Appliances. It is the second leading manufacturer of TV after Samsung. It produces varieties of TV sets such as plasma TVs, LED TV, LCD TV, LCD back-lit LED, HDTV, 3D TV, etc. This is the world’s first company to produce an internet TV in the year 2007 which is known as ‘LG Smart TV’. The name was such because of the smart functionalities of the TV such as remote controlling done by Gestures recognition and voice recognition. The policies of the company are very assertive and company is collectively formed by more than 82 thousand professional employees in 114 local contributories worldwide.


3. Sony Corporation


Sony Corporation is the MNC based in Japan and ranks third in the list of the best manufacturers of TV. Though Sony is the company that produces and manufactures many sorts of electronic products such as home appliances, mobiles and home entertainment devices such as laptop, TV sets, etc., Sony also produces every type of Television from analog to the LCDs and high definition system. Sony has never compromised with quality along with producing them in quantity. The series of Analog TVs produced by Sony are named as ‘Trinitron’ and a whole new LCD range was launched after those. Further, the BRAVIA series of Sony is the one with the latest innovations and high definition visual effects.


4. Panasonic


Panasonic Electronics is a Multi-National Corporation of Japan and was founded in the year 1918. The company’s headquarter is situated at Osaka, Japan. Over 330,000 workers are engaged in Panasonic as the company has been extended worldwide to over 580 subsidiary companies. Initially the company produced only analog TVs but in January 2006 the company started manufacturing digital TVs also. This step led to shredding of company’s 30% sales. It then purchased Pioneer’s HD televisions and started the production of Plasma Televisions with completely new features. Furthermore, it made a pact with MySpace which led to the manufacturing of MySpace TV. This TV is special because it allows a user to have the facility of online chatting during they watch their television programs.


5. Sharp


Sharp Electronics is one of the many MNCs based in Japan. The headquarters of the firm are Abeno-Ku, Osaka in Japan. The company was started in September 2012 as Sharp Corporation and in a very short period of time, it became the fifth largest TV manufacturing brand in the world. Sharp manufactures many products such as TV projectors, audio equipment, audio-visual entertainment equipment, etc. But when we are just discussing about manufacturing Televisions, Sharp sells all the TV sets named as AQUOS. This represents TVs with a big flat screen along with features such as brighter colors, higher contrast, UV2A technology, efficient LED back lighting, Blu-ray print recorders, Quattron 3D, etc.


6. Vizio


Vizio Inc. is a company started by William Wang in October of 2002 in United States of America. But the company is expanding and has grown into an electronic giant beyond the boundaries of America. It has proved itself by launching different TVs back and again. In 2009, it launched EcoHD, M, E, and XVT ranges of Televisions. Later in 2010, the brand announced launching of eleven categories apart from TVs which are: HD home theatre, HD Blu Ray DVD players, internet routers (wireless), entertainment sets where using Internet Apps is allowed.


7. Philips


The complete name of Philips is Koninklijke Philips N.V. also known as Royal Philips. This company was initiated in 1891 by Gerard and Fredrick Philips as a small electronic company which is now a very big Multi-National Corporation with employee strength of more than 122,000 people and has centers in above 60 countries of the world.  The company has headquartered office building located at Amsterdam. Philips believes in power saving products and appliances and therefore demonstrated AmbiLight features in TVs which can be used as replacement for the conventional LEDs. Further, Philips launched a completely new range of Smart TVs having twin core processors. Many other unique things that the company did were making and manufacturing of remote controls with QWERTY keypads.


8. Toshiba Corporation


The original name of Toshiba was Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K. and was founded in 1939. But after 1978, the company was named Toshiba Corporation. This is a very big Multi National company of Shibaura Seisaku-sho and Tokyo Denki. This is a Japan based company with the headquarters located in Tokyo. In December 2010, Toshiba launched a LED backlit LCD 3D television in the market after its announcement at CEATEC ’10. This television allows support for 3D compatible view without using 3D glasses. The employee strength of the company is more than 206,087 employees. Toshiba Corporation has diversity in the types of the TV sets and offers the following variety: LCD, LCD full HD, LED, LED full HD, 3D TV, Smart 3D LED, Smart TV, 4K2K LED TV and many more ranging from various sizes to various resolutions.


9. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Mitsubishi is a company that sells electric and electronics equipment throughout the world. Mitsubishi is a Japanese company and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is the core of the Mitsubishi group. The term ‘Mitsubishi’ in literature means ‘three diamonds’. This firm was launched by Yataro Iwasaki as a shipping firm in the year 1870. It is the world’s first company to produce projection TV. In United States, the very first High Definition Television was introduced by this company. The 3D DLP by Mitsubishi is the Home Cinema which is an altogether different experience and produces ultimate quality pictures for all sorts of viewers.


10. RCA


RCA is another company that manufactures TV and is established in United States of America. RCA stands for Radio Corporation of America. The company is given complete credit to design the very first Television pattern for the country. It is the oldest TV Company of the States and the first actual commercial TV transmission was done in July 1941. This brand produces not just TVs but also vacuum tubes which are a very important part of the TV sets. The laboratories of RCA are located in New Jersey and are highly advanced as they include all innovative developments.

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